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Segway tour: Anglet Forest tour

Discover the charm and beauty of Anglet, the town between sea and forest. During this Segway tour, you will enjoy the Anglet savage beaches as well as Pignada and Chiberta forests - Anglet green lungs.

After you hop on your Segway X2, you will head for a ride along the river Adour to get used to this self-balancing transport device.  Once you're ready, the forest paths will be all yours! You will experience the Segway X2 performance and speed capabilities on the sandy and hilly forest paths. Enjoy the nature and discover the Anglet forest origins. 

Duration 90 min

Difficulty Easy

Adult needed ? Optional


°°° Training session °°° City tour °°° Helmet °°° Raincoat ( if necessary ) °°° Every Segway is equipped with a handlebar storage bag for your personal items °°°

Meet point

114 Avenue De L’adour
64600 ANGLET

Starting from 40 € Contact us

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