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Electric scooter SPEEDTROTT RS400 - 990 €

SpeedTrott RS400 is an ultra-sporty foldable electric scooter combining strength and performance.

The RS400 can be stored in less than 3 seconds so that it does not take up space at home or in the office!

With its aerodynamic profile, impressive performance and sporty design, it is made to ride on any type of ground; it suits both the city and the country!

Maximum speed: 35 km / h
Net weight: 18 kg
Maximum load: 160 kg
Maximum slope: 22%
Autonomy: 30 km
Black color
Material warranty: 2 years (1 year battery)

Model Number: RS400
Brand: SpeedTrott
Max speed: 35km / h
Autonomy: 30 km
Weight: 18 kg
Charge: 3 to 4 hours
Lifetime: 1200 cycles
Engine: Brushless 400W (rear)
Counter: LED backlit
Handlebar Controls
Dial information: LED on the handlebar
Accelerator: on the handlebars
Brakes: drum
Tires:full diameter 8.5 inches; width 3cm
Shock absorber: front / rear springs
Lighting: front and rear (brake light) LED
Parking: side stand
Scooter: foldable (with retractable handles)
Battery: LG Lithium Ion 10Ah and 36V
Width of the tray: 19cm
Scooter length: 108cm folded and 112cm unfolded

User Manual
LG 36V battery

Average autonomy of 30km
Maximum speed of 35km / h
Max load of 160kg
Controls and brake bike way on the handlebars
Horn + LED lights + stop light + turn signals!
Accelerator on the handlebars with the index much more practical and precise
Parking stand

PRICE: 990 €
Buy in store Mobilboard Nantes at the price of internet! Service and advice in addition!
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Mobilboard Nantes is the official distributor of the SpeedTrott brand in the 44.

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