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The cycling plan of Nice

In Nice, a bicycle plan and additional financial assistance for all new buyers. That's it, here we are! Ours is the outdoors. The people of Nice are allowed to go out, but what about transport in the city?

We take stock with you. Public transport is gradually returning to its normal rhythm. However, the City of Nice wants the reopening of transport to be accompanied by a more accessible alternative mobility offer. The goal is to limit public transport during deconfinement. But also to promote soft modes of travel. Among these measures is an experimental bicycle plan on certain arteries in the City

The cycling plan in Nice

Christian Estrosi, announced on April 25, wanting to privatize "certain arteries in the city to reserve them for bikes for a month ""from May 11. Done, new cycle routes have been materialized. This is the case, for example, on one of the main arteries in Nice: Boulevard Gambetta.

In 2019, the metropolitan network dedicated to bicycles included 160 km of cycle paths. According to the mayor of Nice, the city has ""65km of cycle paths on their own. His will is to double this figure "during this experience".

Less than 1.5% of people in Nice today use the bicycle to get around on a daily basis. The government's bicycle plan hopes to reduce this modal share to 9%. The Mayor of Nice intends to get there with the new measures of the bike plan .

Good news: the city voted to create a purchase bonus

Who can benefit ? How much? What modalities for touching it? Can it be combined with other aids? We help you to see more clearly.

First of all, it was a purchase aid for all types of bikes that was announced this Wednesday morning. "We decided in council to add aid of € 100 for all buyers of mechanical bikes, in addition to the € 200 aid for electric bikes."

This new financial aid in the amount of € 100 maximum should not represent more than 50% of the price of the bike. It is aimed at all adults living in the Metropolis and earning less than 2,500 € per month. In addition, the purchase of the bicycle must be made after the date of the metropolitan decision (Monday, May 4) and only in the year 2020.

Finally, the request may be made only once every five years, from the date of purchase of the bicycle. However, the aid cannot be combined with the existing premium of € 200 for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

The forms are already available in the main town hall, and on the internet:, transport and travel section, or Beneficiaries must send their complete files to the Métropole before March 31, 2021, as evidenced by the postmark.

Something to change your frame without breaking the bank

For any electrically assisted bicycle or electric scooter purchased in 2020. You can apply for the subsidy until March 31, 2021.

Download the 2020 documents:

The city goes further with its bike plan and allows you to restore the papi's bike that has been hanging around in the garage for a long time. Nice is one of the cities concerned by the 50 € package offered by the state to repair bicycles (overhaul, change of brakes, tires, lighting, etc.).

Contact us for your review .

The other measures

Since May 10, an implementing decree will allow companies to immediately encourage their employees to use alternative transport. Cleaner and less expensive transport such as bicycles or scooters.

Private employers are called upon to implement this aid up to € 400 per year per employee as of now. In addition, it is exempt from income tax and social security contributions. It replaces the bicycle mileage allowance set up to date. Finally, the decree provides for the continuation of this support when it is in force in companies and provided for in existing wage agreements.

Finally, we share with you the advantages of traveling by bike:

  • Mobility / flexibility: autonomy allows you to move from door to door.
  • Distance / time: the actual speed is 14 to 20 km / h and avoids rush hour traffic jams.
  • Economical: travel costs are reduced.
  • Health: it is to maintain a good physical shape and to breathe health.
  • Environment: pollution decreases, we respect the environment, we promote sustainable development.
  • Space: the need for parking spaces is reduced while the available space is optimized.
  • Parking: parking a bicycle is free.
  • Pleasure: physical activity as an anti-stress factor is essential.
  • Social: there is an improvement in the quality of life and the social climate.
  • Noise: it is a silent mode of movement.

Find out more about the different cycling networks in mainland France .

A Nice, Un plan Vélo et une aide financière supplémentaire pour tous les nouveaux acquéreurs.
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