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NEW! MOBILBOARD VILLEFRANCHE-BEAUJOLAIS presents several fun activities!

In small groups (max. 8), you will tour the different activities chosen. Our formulas are ultra-flexible in duration and the number of participants is almost unlimited.
The different activities are set up outdoors in the Beaujolais vineyards. This is what create a superb atmosphere! Because a little (a lot) of nature never hurts and, what's more, we promise you breathtaking landscapes and panoramas. It will be "THE" outing of the year!
Team cohesion is also about experiencing emotions simultaneously!

* Cuckoo to his colleague who is sailing on the Saône while we are on a Segway® on the towpaths, it is priceless!

* Race on a Segway® on a circuit while your friends are having fun at the wooden games or on a mini-golf in the middle of the vineyards!

* Discover the spectacular Beaujolais panorama aboard a Volkswagen 64 Combi followed by another group in a horse-drawn carriage, it brings you back to the good old days!

* Taste wines, a plate of cheeses and local cold meats while your colleagues try to find the solution to obtain the treasure of the "Escape Box"! True team cohesion is necessary!

* Laughing together in small easy, fun and effective games, inevitably Laughter Yoga, it de-stresses!

* We have fun and we move in a Human Baby Foot, in Bubble Foot or on a Mechanical Sweeper, before your big departure in Segway®!

* Explore the vineyards in an unusual way with Segway® Segway® and electric bikes, it will take your breath away!

In fact, summer and winter, our activities are designed to provide you with an experience as authentic as it is unique. Just 30 minutes from Lyon, experience a total change of scenery in the Beaujolais vineyards.

And now that you are super motivated and inspired, all you have to do is contact us to create the perfect day!

In Beaujolais, at Lac des Sapins or in Villefranche S / Saône, we have thought of you. Do you need to find "THE" group activity for your colleagues, your family or an evjf / evjg?
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Charte de bonne expérience

Nous mettons tout en œuvre pour protéger votre santé, votre confort et votre sécurité.

Total change of scenery among the vines for your meeting, team-building or company outing!

Combining meeting rooms and team building activity, discover our turnkey "Seminar" offer! Just 30 minutes from Lyon or 15 minutes from Villefranche-sur-Saône, we promise you breathtaking landscapes and panoramas for your small group in room rental and Segway Segway activity.

♥ WHAT IF YOU FIND LOVE ON A SEGWAY®? ♥ The first SEG DATING in Beaujolais!

♥ WHAT IF YOU FIND LOVE ON A SEGWAY®? ♥ The first SEG DATING in Beaujolais! 3.15 p.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Winter sales 2019

With the code SOLDESDHIVERC also the sales at Mobilboard Beaujolais!


We are currently looking for 3 SEGWAY MONITORS to train, supervise, animate and secure customers on a closed circuit.

Annual leaves

Your Mobilboard Villefranche-Beaujolais branch will be closed from January 8 to February 8, 2018


And here it is (already) back to school. No sooner have you returned to your office than you are already in charge of organizing a Team Building activity. The opportunity to create a beautiful cohesion for the recovery!

It's sales!

Immediate reduction of € 10 on the "Organic Vines and Oenology Court" circuit