Mobilboard Annecy - Hello, I'm Alexia! 🌺

Published on 19/12/2022

It's been 3 years now that I'm in Annecy and I must admit, it's a great place to live! Hiking in the mountains, swimming in the lake, skiing in the winter and kayaking in the summer... so many things to do...🤩

I love this town and love showing it off! What could be better than visiting this little corner of paradise on a Segway gyropod 😉 So for my third year of Bachelor Marketing Tourism, I'm doing my work-study at Mobilboard Annecy.

The team is at the top, dynamic and always in a good mood 🌈 Everything to have a great time! 🔥

See you soon in the streets of Annecy! ⛰

Arvi 👋