News From the Mobilboard Network

Ouverture de la 50ème agence du réseau MOBILBOARD !

MOBILBOARD is the rental network of Segway, specializing in the provision of services to individuals and professionals.
With the opening of the rental point located in La Rochelle, the network has 50 branches at your service. From Paris to Nice via Lyon, Strasbourg, Carnac, Biarritz and many others, the MOBILBOARD network offers versatile services. The concept is based, on the one hand, on the fun piloting of the Segway during leisure rides, tourist circuits and animations for company seminars and, on the other hand, on the realization of street marketing operations. with display on the Segway.
The services revolve around a single means of electric transport: the Segway.
Auto stabilized on two parallel wheels, intuitive, silent, handy, easily transportable and perfectly safe in use, the Segway® can travel 40 km at a maximum speed of 20km / h, without any emission.
These qualities make it the most ecological and economical mode of local transport per person and per kilometer, one of the most practical too. The public and businesses are fond of it.
MOBILBOARD is distinguished by the professionalism of its members. The network brings together specialized agencies, grouped under the same quality charter. Training, support, technical management, security: MOBILBOARD is committed to raising the level of know-how of its agencies ever higher and to providing its customers with a user-friendly and safe experience.
True ambassadors for each destination, the agencies share the heritage and local culture with thousands of individuals or corporate employees. It is possible to enjoy guided walks in the city center, by the sea, in the vineyards, in the countryside and even in the snow. More than 40,000 people in 2014 took advantage of these tours and activities.
The strength of the network is also unprecedented because it ensures national and international operations including in the context of local communication campaigns including mobile display and interaction with passersby. It is not less than 2000 days of operations ensured each year by all agencies.
The MOBILBOARD network celebrates the inauguration of its fiftieth agency in La Rochelle and plans, in the coming months, 5 new openings in France and abroad.

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