The Segway PT A concentrate of high technology

Developed by the American firm Segway Inc., world leader in personal electric transport with over 80,000 vehicles in circulation, the PT is a one-person self-stabilized electric vehicle with two parallel wheels.

The PT works via an exclusive system of very sophisticated gyroscopes and sensors that ensures perfect balance when stopped or while moving without any action from the user.

Based on the mechanism of walking, the PT reacts instantly to an inclination of the body. Lean forward to go forward and lean back to slow down... And to steer, just turn the frame. This unique operating principle guarantees the surprising security and exceptional maneuverability of the PT.

A new person-ground interface for a genuine revolution in the field of transportation!

Segway i2 Make the most of the city with the urban model

Segway i2

Quick and quiet, it’s the most efficient way to get around, especially over short distances.

No more traffic jams or parking lots - your journey will turn into an enjoyable experience that will have you hooked! An efficient mode of transportation perfectly suited to today’s world.

The Segway PT

Poids : 47,7kg
Vitesse max : 20km/h
Autonomie : jusqu'à 38km
Coût énergetique : 0,25€ / 100km
Encombrement : 63cm x 63cm
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Segway x2 Let the adventure begin with the all-terrain model

Segway x2

No matter what the terrain - sand, snow, rock, slopes - nothing will stop it!

Enjoy a ride through the undergrowth, climp up a mountain or down the dunes and let yourself get carried away by the incredible sensation of freedom and the rush of adrenaline the X2 produces.

The Segway PT

Poids : 54,4kg
Vitesse max : 20km/h
Autonomie : jusqu'à 19km
Coût énergetique : 0,25€ / 100km
Encombrement : 67cm x 84cm
Brochure Segway Download
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Questions - Réponses

Is there a minimum age for using a Segway PT?

Anyone can easily control a PT, regardless of age! You just have to weigh between 45 and 119 kilograms. These are worldwide requirements for user safety from the manufacturer, Segway Inc.

How does the Segway PT keep its balance?

5 micro-machined angular rate sensors, 2 accelerometers, 2 computers, 4 electric motors: the electronics keep the PT balanced for you!

How fast does a Segway PT go?

Up to 20 km/h. In the city, however, the speed is limited to 6 km/h. You don't need to go fast to feel like you're gliding.

What is the Segway PT's range?

Up to 38 km per charge, depending on the model. The range is affected by various conditions such as temperature, driving style and tire pressure.

Can I fall off while riding a Segway PT?

Although it's rare, it is possible to fall, just like when walking or riding a bicycle. However, since the Segway PT keeps your balance for you, all you have to do is pay attention to what's happening around you. Our instructors will show you how and will accompany you on your tour to make sure you stay safe.

Where can I go on a Segway PT?

The answer depends on the country in which your Mobilboard agency is located. At present, according to European guidelines, you have to follow the rules for pedestrians, that is to say, up to 6 km/h indoors and outdoors, on sidewalks, in pedestrian areas and on pedestrian walkways. However, if there are specific regulations in the country, you should follow them carefully. This is the case in Luxembourg and Belgium, for example.

Can I ride a Segway PT in the rain?

Yes, the electronic and electric systems of the Segway PT are sufficiently well sealed to resist normal rain. The most important thing is to make sure the batteries are not submerged, in particular on an all-terrain ride.

How do I recharge a Segway PT?

With any standard outlet! It's easy to recharge your PT almost anywhere.

How much does a Segway PT weigh?

47.7 kg for the i2 model and 54.4 kg for the x2.

Where is the Segway PT manufactured?

In Bedford, New Hampshire in the United States.