Product launch

Want to create buzz about a new product?

Mobilboard’s street marketing campaigns allow you to spread information at the right place and at the right time. Our promoters and hostesses communicate your message according to your brief, presenting the benefits of the product to your target.
Interacting with consumers allows you to enhance the product experience and reinforce the other communication methods used.

Our Segway PT operations are the last contact before purchase!

Case Study


For the launch of the new Audi A1, temporary locations are installed in city centers to allow the new car to be presented to the public.Goal: Encourage passersby to visit the temporary locations to discover and test drive the vehicle.

Method: Distribution of invitations by 2 promoters on Segway PTs and 1 promoter on foot.

Testimonial: \""he promoters on PTs created the event in all the cities and everyone was talking about Audi! Passersby were agreeable and very receptive to the promoters’ words. We were also very satisfied with the large number of visitors to our temporary locations.\""