Store opening

Want to create buzz from day one?

Generate qualified traffic with a Mobilboard street marketing campaign! Cover a specific area around the store or attract clients at target commercial locations.

A campaign on Segway PTs integrates perfectly into a global communication plan and is adapted to the budget of a store opening.

Case Study


Smartbox wants to inform people of the opening of new stores in the provinces and increase sales a month before the end-of-year holidays.Goal: Announce the opening of the Smartbox store and create immediate traffic.

Method: In 3 cities in France, 6 promoters on Segway PTs distribute flyers and tickets for a sweepstakes.

Testimonial: \""Besides the high visibility of the hostesses on Segways, the street marketing campaign created traffic at the store and strongly increased our sales. We’d like to thank the Mobilboard team for its serious and professional approach. Convinced by the impact of a Segway street marketing campaign, we will repeat these operations for the next holidays.\""
Magalie H., director of the Smartbox store in Nice