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Mobilboard Carnac

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Discovering the region, standing stones and forests in complete safety and with a brilliant guide, it is the too short moment that we lived with Mobilboard!

Suitable for families and adventurers, our guide Envela was extra and very professional.

I highly recommend this activity and Mobilboard!

TripAdvisor review and photo - dbruscagin

Balade guidée en Segway - Escapade des Menhirs - 1h30 - Privileged visit to a magnificent region !

Superb ride, comments and instructions at the top. I am 58 years old and it seemed very natural to me, after listening to the manual, the position, the movements came very easily this is like cycling, it is not forgotten ...

And the team is very caring and has a very great knowledge of the bay which they share with pleasure it feels.

TripAdvisor Commentary - philippe0962

Balade guidée en Segway - Carnac et ses plages - 1h - First Segway experience.

1 hour in Carnac with our very nice NV guide !!!

Accessible to everyone. Easy handling. We highly recommend !

TripAdvisor review and photo - Stawberry O

1h30 - Pleasant moment !

Walk for the 10 years of a friend's marriage anniversary. Guided tour with Envela who was super nice. Segways are easy to use and very fun.

Highly recommend!

TripAdvisor review and photo - MATEXPERT85

Balade guidée en Segway - Escapade des Menhirs - 1h30 - Great ride with friends !!

After hesitating we opted to rent an electric scooter for more freedom in our visit. This fun walk very much pleased children and parents! Cherry on the cake the welcome and the advice of an extraordinary young woman of dynamism and joie de vivre! Thank you ! Sebastien / October 27, 2019 / Review posted on TripAdvisor

27/10/2019 - Electric scooter rental

It was a first experience for both of us and then there big surprise, we loved it. Eyes full of stars it was beautiful, excellent.Super nice team too !

TripAdvisor Commentary - Anita P

Balade guidée en Segway - Escapade des Menhirs - 1h30 - Excellent!

Simply awesome, the 1 hour 30 minutes tour of the menhirs and the hinterland of Carnac
Envela is very friendly, quick handling of the same segway for the less athletic; breathtaking landscapes.
To do !

TripAdvisor Commentary - Valerie B

Balade guidée en Segway - Escapade des Menhirs - 1h30 - Awesome !

A great example of success for this activity adapted to the environment. And when the weather is good, it's just magic.
Thanks to Alexandre for his good humor and his humor ... he needed it with the team he had to (try to) guide. Bravo!

TripAdvisor Commentary - PascalgZ8547MH

Balade guidée en Segway - Escapade des Menhirs - 1h30 - Combine culture and fun!

We had a wonderful walk. Thank you to Alexandre and Marine for their kindness and humor and all their explanations, which makes the activity even more fun! The Segway is easy to drive after a little initiation. I really recommend, we laughed a lot and had a great time with the family! The south west has met Brittany! Magnificent region. We will come back and hope to come back to see Alex ... thank you a thousand times

26/02/2020 - Véronique L.

Super ride of 2 hours, the route was really top between the beaches, the menirs, the churches, the small typical corner and the view of the tumulus of Carnac we loved our little visit and first experience in Segway. Also with a top-notch guide 👍🏼

19/08/2019 - Jean-Noel W.

It was a first experience for both of us and then there big surprise, we loved it. The eyes
full of stars it was beautiful, excellent. I advise because in addition to super nice team.

Excellent - Anita P / September 9, 2019 / Review posted on TripAdvisor - Segway Segway Tour

1st experience in Segway. Stroll in a magnificent setting. The Segway is easy to drive after a few minutes of initiation. I would do it again. The mobilboard team is very nice. Sophie D / September 5, 2019 / Review posted on TripAdvisor

Sophie D / September 5, 2019 / Review posted on TripAdvisor - Segway Segway ride - EXCELLENT

Super discovery of carnac by electric scooter. Super welcoming staff. To do again when we return to Carnac.

10/06/2019 - Scooters rental

Great time !!!! Thanks to Alexandre for his sympathy and friendliness. We feel very comfortable and even if we have never done it in 5 minutes we get there very well. Beautiful ride and great time We take advantage of the view in an original way and we laugh well. A real super cool parenthesis👍🌟😎

Google reviews - March 2019

08/05/2019 - Claire

Awesome ! To do again. Super coach who made us discover the segway and the beaches of Carnac, with the sun as a bonus.

Trip Advisor - March 2019

08/05/2019 - Catherine

We took 1 hour by segway to discover the beaches of Carnac. The guide Brandon was at the top, ballad with explanations on the history of Carnac, made us take obstacles which spiced up the rhythm of the ballad. We will not hesitate to come back when we are around. We recommend. Delphine and Stan

Trip Advisor - May 6, 2019

08/05/2019 - Delphine and Stan

Very nice experience in a Segway (very accessible and easy to use in a few minutes) with a top circuit through nature, the forest, the menhirs and various monuments by an afternoon unfortunately a little covered but luckily without rain. Thank you to the girls for their kindness and their pedagogy and their welcome. To discover, redo and recommend without hesitation. Sylvie and Stéphane from 17.

29/04/2019 - Sylvie and Stéphane B.

Very good experience! Thank you to Alexandre de Plouharnel who knew how to put us in confidence from the start and with whom we had fun for 1:30 in the meanders of the Carnac site. Time passed too quickly ... very nice walk to do. We will try the GYROPARC park next time.

14/01/2019 - Ludovic - Auré - Mat and Thib

Very nice experience with a top guide. A little road, great dirt roads, very pleasant passages in the forest and the passage of the menhirs ..... to redo, we loved small as big! thank you.

18/06/2018 - Stéphanie R.

A first great experience. A friendly and cheerful team that takes the time to familiarize us with "the beast". A ballad of standing stones with a very nice and pleasant guide, attentive and attentive. A taste of too little all things considered.

20/07/2018 - Sophie P.

Great experience, ride and very pleasant guide. To do again. Christophe, Christian and Cécilia

02/08/2018 - Cecilia M.

We were offered this experience via a wonderbox and I admit that we would probably not have tried without it, mistakenly thinking that it would be too "soft" ... What a pleasant surprise! We did a magnificent 1.5 hour ride in the company of a really nice guide, through the streets of Carnac, then paths, park, tumulus, dolmens ... 20km / h does not seem to be a great speed on paper but concretely we have good feelings, especially in fields or stony paths. Getting started is fast, the Segway is intuitive. I recommend that you hire a Segway or an electric scooter at Mobilboard Carnac!

09/08/2018 - Audrey C.

A very nice activity to discover the magnificent landscapes of the wild coast of Quiberon with a top guide (Envila) Experience to repeat. Benoît Florence Léna

16/08/2018 - Florence G.

Great beach and menhir ride I had never done a segway and it went very well I recommend

20/08/2018 - Antoine C.

First experience of the Segway with children quite successful. Walk on the beach of Carnac with discovery of the old village of Carnac absolutely beautiful and under the sun. Easy to use and accessible to all. A huge thank you to Envela for its welcome!

05/11/2018 - Emmanuelle F.

An experience that pleased the whole family. We did the all terrain and also a one hour walk along the beaches with a really cool guide. The whole team was very friendly and professional. Only downside we have a taste of too little ..... trying the Segways is adopting them. It is a really great experience.

17/05/2018 - Aurélie L.

A big thank you to the team and especially to Envela who walked us among the menhirs and the beaches. We had 3 great moments, safely with the very friendly animators. A great discovery for us, the Segway is great, both for teens and for adults. Thanks again

17/05/2018 - Triskel562015

Superb discovery of the alignments of Carnac and these surroundings with a very friendly and attentive guide for a first experience on a segway it was cool. Repeat for other discoveries Philippe and Karine

11/06/2018 - Philippe M.

Superb 2 hour ride with tapas tasting. Friendly and attentive guide. Very pretty region, thank you for the explanations. TO RECOMMEND . Walk made on 23/04/2018.

14/05/2018 - Claude.A

Yann joins me in sending you all our thanks again for these moments spent with you on the Côte Sauvage during our 2017 Seminar. We had a great time and everyone left with a smile and ready to try again Segway adventure! We can't wait to discover our exploits in photos! Thank you again for your welcome and see you soon,

30/10/2017 - Société Krampouz - 1h30 walk Quiberon and its wild coast

In any case, this activity will remain etched in our memories! Superb discovery, to renew without moderation For my part, I loved it, I had fun and I can't wait to share it with other people.

30/10/2017 - Company KP1 - 2h Carnac ride "Between land and sea"

GREAT FAMILY ACTIVITY with a great welcome from the CARNAC team 48 years old for Monsieur-46 years old for Madame and 13 years old for our teenager, it's super easy to use LA BALLADE DES MENHIRS with stops to enjoy the panoramic views of the St MICHEL mound and of the KERMARIO alignments, THAT IS HAPPINESS Thank you Alexis for this very good cultural and sporting moment! See you soon

10/04/2017 - Jean luc V.

We rented an all-terrain Segway on Tuesday March 28, 2017 at the Carnac agency for a 1h 30m menhir walk with Alexis and Guido as our guide. We were delighted, they are great very good getaway counselor to recommend again.

31/03/2017 - Denis D.

It was great! A week of vacation and 2 SEGWAY rides in CARNAC, with the family. a little scared at first but in 3 minutes, a tour of the place, a helmet, an earpiece and a few recommendations, the segway was under control; It's really nice for young and old alike. Go with the nice Morgane who will make you visit a game of Carnac or choose the ride with Erwan, who is great. He made us visit the alignments, a tumulus then a superb forest with passion and kindness; he is very attentive to customers and very kind. Very good contact with vehicles that let us pass, pedestrians and traders; THIS IS A TEAM AND A LEISURE TO RECOMMEND. to redo because it is a way to discover beautiful things! iSABELLE, HUBERT, FABIEN DE BOULAY (MOSELLE) AND MELIA DE TOURS

19/07/2015 - Isabelle S.

Brilliant walk to the beaches of Carnac with very interesting explanations from Alexandre ... Both to quickly learn to use the Segway and to discover the city and the region. To do and redo !

11/05/2015 - Fabrice L.

Superb family outing to discover the beaches of Carnac. Second experience for us on Segway and always as "extra". Thanks to Alexandre for his comments on the place and his humor. To do absolutely !!!

03/05/2015 - Benoit L.

Great outings. Thank you Margaux, Alexandre for the cultural outing and your humor. In addition, the Segway can be domesticated very quickly and easily. See you soon

02/09/2014 - DD V.