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For intensive or occasional use, there is a gyropod model adapted to your profile. This is a purchase that cannot be improvised and it is better to contact real specialists to make the right choice and get the best price!

You want to buy a new gyropod or benefit from a second hand one selected by Mobilboard? Thanks to our unique field coverage, we allow you to test the equipment and to benefit from the advice of experienced professionals. Make the choice of the best price for your gyropod and benefit from a quality training at the delivery.

Ninebot Segway, the world leader in gyropods

Since its invention, the range of Segway brand gyropods (i2, x2, i2SE, x2SE,...) is the most powerful and reliable, that is to say particularly adapted to an intensive or professional use. More recently, the range of gyropods and gyros of Ninebot brand has been designed more specifically for an individual solution, for the use of the largest number.

All these new modes of transport, intended for professionals and individuals, are manufactured by the world leader: Ninebot Segway Group. The agencies of the Mobilboard network accompany you in your choice according to your needs and your budget. A unique expertise and a proximity service to be sure to make the right purchase, to maintain and use your future electric means of transport.

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Why buy a Segway gyropod?

  1. Simplicity of driving

One of the biggest advantages of Segway is its ease of use. Unlike many other personal vehicles, you don't need to learn how to drive Segway, as it simply steers in the direction you tilt your body. This means you can focus on driving and enjoying the scenery rather than worrying about steering.

  1. Agility

The Segway is also very agile, making it a great choice for short distance travel. You can reach speeds of up to 20 km/h, which means you can move quickly and efficiently.

  1. Safety

Finally, the Segway gyropod is a safe choice for personal travel. The gyropod is equipped with several safety systems, such as an advanced stabilization system, to ensure that you stay safe at all times.

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