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Very pleasant walk in the vineyards of Côte-Rotie with this "machine" that we discovered. The handling was quite simple thanks to our super guide who quickly gave us confidence and taught us a lot about the vines. In addition, very good wine tasting at the end of the route! To redo urgently on other routes.

03/09/2018 - David and Pauline L.

Super morning in the vineyards of condrieu, eager to discover other walks, friendly, friendly, fun .... really a great activity to discover

10/15/2017 - Patricia F.

Excellent afternoon super activities with a top guide soon for a new more dynamic and more technical outing

09/17/2017 - Thomas F.

Very pleasant stroll with friends. Good explanations for getting started quickly with the Segway. Pleasant journey through Condrieu, the vineyards, the hillsides and the banks of the Rhône followed by tasting of local wines.
We will come back.

07/01/2017 - Michele B.

A great ride yesterday with 2 super nice and competent guides. Very nice views, super cool paths. Getting started with the simple enough Segway with a good explanation at the start. And finally, a good tasting! Thank you !

06/18/2017 - Elisabeth C.

Excellent discovery of Condrieu, its vineyards, its history, its heritage with Didier - super nice guide!

05/14/2017 - Marie L.

A really great family experience. It is not easy to find an activity that appeals to adolescents as much as to their parents. Jackpot with Mobilboard and we even manage to make them listen and hear a little culture ... Bravo François and Noé

29/04/2014 - Pascal G.

It was the birthday present chosen for my husband's 50th birthday, with my 2 sons. After some \ "perious \" maneuvers but the very good explanations from François, THANK YOU ;-) we set off to explore Condrieu, a magnificent village and with this ecological mode of travel, goes everywhere, it was a pure pleasure to ride on the hills to admire the vineyard and the panorama. Really, ready to start again, great !!!

04/05/2012 - Catherine B.

Condrieu, magnificent walk in the vineyards and in the old districts. The Segway is really accessible to everyone. After a few minutes of explanations from our friendly guide, we quickly found ourselves at ease to discover the pretty town of Condrieu. You were treated to a few surprises on the 1.5 hour walk. But we were told not to say anything ... To be strongly advised: Originality, new sensations, pleasant stroll, discovery of the region ...

10/08/2011 - Jpierre D.