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Street Marketing

Creating Traffic

The Segway gyropod is ideal for efficient customer flow generation. Very attractive, it attracts all eyes and can sneak into all streets, including...

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We create original and customized animations to meet your specifications and guarantee a very satisfactory return rate! Indoors or outdoors, we adapt...

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Special offer & promotion in Nantes

Do you want to offer a promotion or a special offer at your point of sale? Segway street-marketing is the ideal way to get your message delivered at...

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Opening of points of sale

Looking for a way to communicate effectively about opening a store? Our Segway gyropods meet your expectations thanks to their high attractiveness,...

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Product launch

Are you launching a new product? The Segway gyropod is your best ally to promote! Surprise your customers with an original, effective and...

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Communicate about your event on Segway in Nantes

Surprise your guests with a Segway decorated in the colors of your event!

A trendy animation that attracts attention and creates a buzz!

Street-marketing in Nantes
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Specialist in electric mobility, "Mobilboard Delivery" is at your service for all your business deliveries in downtown Nantes. Our express deliveries...

"Mobilboard Deliveries" at your service for all your deliveries in Nantes
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Your communication campaign in Nantes


The mobile display in addition to pure street marketing operations allows your message to be aired in the right place, at the right time and at the right target. This is the ideal way to create a real dynamic during a period or an event and optimize a communication campaign. Creation of traffic, notoriety, special offer, product launch, store opening...


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