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Whether new or used, for daily or occasional use, there is a PT that's perfect for you. Buying a PT is a significant purchase, so come see our specialists to make the right choice and get the best price!

Ninebot mini pro

Compact and handy, this gyropod offers the best value for money on the market. A very effective urban ally.

The Mini Pro is certainly the most convenient gyropod for the last kilometer! Lightweight, removable, it is easy to load it in a car trunk or to ride in train or tramway wagon. Fully connected to the Ninebot app, its use is pleasant and very modern. You can control it remotely like a drone!

If you are looking for a gyropod under 1000 euros, allowing short trips to the city, the Ninebot Mini Pro is for you. It is the most popular model for individuals to go to work or for leisure at weekends. To be tested at least once!

699,0 € TTC
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