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Published on 08/08/2012

Article Nice-Matin of Friday, August 3, 2012 Visit of the city on board a Segway gyropod
Acclimatization is mandatory before any ride. (Photo J.P.) Moving around in "futuristic mode" is the impression we get when we climb on a Segway gyropod. This machine with two parallel wheels, driven by an electric motor arrived in Cannes at the beginning of July. Installed in the Radisson hotel, the company Mobilboard offers different rides on this single-seater electric device. We tested it for you. Conditions to respect The gyropod meets two major requirements: to be at least 14 years old and to weigh more than 40 kg. The criteria are met, we can start the ten minutes training, necessary before any ride. The beginnings are chaotic. Thibault Touzeau, the instructor, explains the operating principles: "To move forward, you have to lean forward, and backward to stop. No fall is to be deplored, but the gestures are hesitant and the pace very slow. The device is classified as a "pedestrian" and is capable of going up to 20 km/h, but for the users in Cannes it will be 9 km/h. A question of safety. After the few minutes of training we follow the instructor along the quai Saint-Pierre, who then ventures into the streets of Cannes. As the ride goes on, we feel confident and we perceive in this small machine of 40 kg, a pleasure of sliding. We slide between the passers-by and we let ourselves be tempted by a little more speed. The sensation is aerial and silent. JEANNE PORTAL More information Prices : one hour ride at 35 euros or license at 65 euros. Information: