Give your other half an exceptional experience!

Published on 23/01/2018

For this we offer you a 20% discount on our 1 and 2 hours tours.
After a quick handling of your Segway in front of the port of Cannes, your guide will tell you some anecdotes about this beautiful city. Then you will discover the best places to settle down and stroll around in love. Your guide will immortalize for you these moments of stroll.

The price of this 1 hour tour is 24€ per person, we have several departures per day.
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Reopening of the agency mid-April

Did you know that?

The tradition of Saint Valentine has nothing to do with the life of the saint. It comes from the court of England in the 14th century and from a French-speaking poet-knight, Othon III de Grandson (+1397) who sang this "Valentine's Day", traditionally the day when the birds, feeling the return of spring, launch their love songs. Valentine's Day was (and still is in Anglo-Saxon countries) not only the day of celebration for lovers, but also for close friends.

"St. Valentine's Day take in testimony That none other ever will choose. "(Otto III, c. 1370)