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For more than 10 years, we organize your operation from A to Z in the city of your choice, everywhere on the territory. Mobilboard develops a format of communication " new generation ".

The impact of the mobile display associated with the distribution of flyers

The mobile display in complement of the operations of pure street-marketing, here is what allows your message to be diffused in the good place, at the good time and near the good target.

It is the ideal way to create a commercial dynamic during a special period, an event and to optimize your communication results.

Traffic generation, awareness, special offer, product launch, store opening, trade show... For each objective, an operation proposal.

street marketing

There are several reasons why a company may decide to organize a street marketing campaign in Cologne:

  1. Reach a wide target audience: Street marketing can help to reach a wide target audience, including people who might not be interested in other traditional forms of marketing.

  2. Create a strong visual impact: Street marketing can provide a strong visual presence on the city streets, which can help draw attention to the brand and build brand recognition.

  3. Encourage direct interaction with consumers: Street marketing can provide direct interaction with consumers, which can help build stronger relationships with them and better understand their needs and opinions.

  4. Create a buzz around the brand: A well-designed street marketing campaign can create a buzz around the brand and generate consumer interest in the products or services offered.

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