Segway event stand

The fun, technical circuit is the ideal solution for your events.

The Technical Circuit that brings your events to life!

Welcome to the electrifying world of Segway, where innovation meets entertainment! Our animation stand offers a unique and captivating experience, perfect for energizing your parties & events.

Why choose our Segway Technical Tour?

1. The Ultimate Attraction: Imagine participants riding Segways, gliding with ease through a carefully designed technical circuit. This attraction provides an adrenalin rush while testing participants' technical skills. It's the perfect way to add a touch of modernity and excitement to your event.

2. Accessible to All: Whether your guests are novices or experts, young or old, the Segway tour is accessible to all. Thanks to quick and easy training, everyone can take part and experience the pleasure of piloting these futuristic machines.

3. Interactive entertainment: Our technical circuit is not just a passive attraction. Participants are invited to take on stimulating challenges, test their agility and compete for thrills. It's an interactive experience that creates lasting memories.

Animation fête et mobilité douce - Mobilboard Nice

Why do event organizers and communities love our animation stand?

1. Event flexibility: Whether it's for a company party, a festival or a special day in your community, our Segway tour adapts to any occasion. It adds a modern, fun touch to any event.

2. Raising awareness of soft mobility: By choosing the Segway, you're promoting sustainable, environmentally-friendly mobility. Segways run on electricity, reducing your carbon footprint while raising participants' awareness of an eco-friendly alternative form of transport.

3. Full service: Our dedicated team takes care of all logistical aspects, from setting up the tour to training participants.

Offer your guests a unique and unforgettable experience by opting for our Segway technical tour animation stand.

Contact us today to discuss how we can electrify your next event!

Activité Segway - Mobilboard Nice

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