Initiation / Challenge circuit Take advantage of a totally flexible group activity!


Bring an unforgettable experience to every participant! In the form of a circuit marked out on the ground, it is the ideal service to live a great moment of discovery and relaxation. Almost unlimited in number of participants, this ultra-flexible formula can be installed on the site of a company, a seminar place, a place of accommodation, indoor or outdoors. 

Slalom & Challenge

Participate in a team challenge animation! Almost unlimited in the number of participants, this formula, ultra-flexible in terms of time, can be set up on-site at your company or at a conference center, indoors or outside. Trail markers, turns, straightaways, S-curves: Mobilboard has designed everything to test the agility, adaptability and competitive spirit of the participants.         This formula can be integrated into other incentive workshops and takes the form of an initiation, to share a moment of relaxation, or a race.

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