Electric bike rental in Vincennes

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About bike rental in Vincennes, Val-de-Marne

An electric bicycle is a cycle equipped with pedals and an auxiliary electric motor and carrying a source of energy: a rechargeable battery. As its name indicates, the electric bicycle is a means of travel that uses electrical impulses to facilitate pedaling. It offers the advantage to the rider to provide less effort while enjoying the pleasure of a classic mechanical bike.

We help you choose the right bike rental for your stay and your desires. Enter the number of bikes and your rental dates to find out the rates.

Opt for the rental without a guide to discover the region in complete freedom. You can choose to pedal normally and use your muscular strength to ride, or to use the assistance of the bike without any effort!

Distances and differences in altitude are no longer important on your route. You can easily reach the places you have identified in the area. Ask your Mobilboard agency for advice.

There are many reasons to rent an electric bike:

  1. Opt for sustainable mobility with electric bikes! They are an ideal solution for those who want to avoid public transportation or the car, while doing something for the environment.

  2. Electric bikes also save time by covering more ground than walking, while being a light and pleasant physical activity.

  3. Take a break from your daily routine by going for a bike ride, offering an escape and an opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself.

  4. Electric bikes also offer the possibility to discover new areas of a city or region, exploring these territories in a different and original way.

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