« We are increasingly aware of the importance of preserving our environment. We give priority to human contact and sharing. We want to see more in less time. We like to be amazed while staying safe. We look for authentic experiences that we will cherish with our loved ones for a long time. Our aspirations have changed, let's reinvent the way we spend our free time ! »


Mobilboard brings together agencies specialized in tourism, leisure activities, events and street marketing.

The network offers the wider public the chance to rent professional personal transporters and buy an environmentally friendly means of personal transportation.

The combination of technology and expertise is at the heart of our mission, which places an emphasis on the satisfaction and safety of our clients.

The guarantee of a job well done

Every year, Mobilboard's agencies welcome more than 100,000 guests for next-generation leisure tours and corporate events. Our activities are recommended by major players in the tourism and incentive industries looking for versatile original activities open to all. Downtown, in the country, by the sea, in the snow or on the street, Mobilboard offers over 500 different tours with professional-grade PTs and certified instructors to ensure your safety.

For over 7 years, Mobilboard has also been trusted by major advertisers for our capacity to organize street marketing operations. Every year, our network logs over 2,000 days of event advertising for clients ranging from small businesses to CAC 40 companies. Our unique geographic and operational coverage allows for coordinated action over a set of selected locations.

An environmentally friendly network for sustainable development

Conscious of the ecological problems facing our world, every agency is committed to respecting the environment through a set of specific quality standards. By using the agency closest to the activity location, we minimize the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

The PT, the key element of our operations, embodies a new, silent and modern electric mode of transportation that's 100% eco-friendly! It lets you get around without polluting, providing a true "clean" alternative to other modes of transportation and leisure activities.

For incentive activities that require complementary transportation, we prefer electric bicycles, cars and scooters. When advertising, any leaflets that end up on the ground are systematically collected.

Every ride on a Segway® PT is an opportunity for our guides to educate the public about sustainable development and the need to change our daily routine. All these initiatives are part of an eco-citizen program that we are proud to support and promote.

Our philosophy?
"Life is short, now is the time to create your fondest memories!"

Thinking about future memories may seem odd at first, but it's the best way to make the most of the present.

At Mobilboard, we strongly believe that part of happiness lies in our capacity to have new experiences, amass new sensations and share special moments with our loved ones.

And if we could help you create happy memories that you could draw on in the future? Like a photo album you can flip through, in which good times are etched forever? Being a part of a Mobilboard tour or event means making the most out of life!

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