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Mobilboard : the best activities for your event in the Burgundy vineyards

Discover the best leisure activities for your event in the heart of the Burgundy vineyards thanks to Mobilboard! We offer a wide range of entertainment, tours and eco-responsible excursions to make your group experience unforgettable moments. Our offer is 100% adaptable and mobile, whether you are in Dijon or in another city of your choice.

You have the power to decide the number of participants, the theme, the date and the duration of your event. Whatever your budget, we have the solution to create a friendly atmosphere and make your guests laugh. Choose an innovative, ecological and fun activity for your next corporate event, seminar, incentive or team-building.

The incentive activities of Mobilboard Dijon strengthen your links with your collaborators, your partners and your customers on the long term. Our animations are accessible to all and bring a touch of good mood to the whole group!

Why call on Mobilboard for your seminar in Burgundy?

There are several reasons to call upon an incentive agency like Mobilboard Dijon to organize your corporate event:

  1. Expertise: Mobilboard has a great experience in the field of animation and can propose activities and logistics adapted to the needs and objectives of your team.
  2. Time saving: a company specialized in activities for seminars like Mobilboard can take care of the whole process of organization of the team building, allowing the persons in charge of the company to concentrate on other tasks.
  3. Flexibility: Mobilboard offers great flexibility in terms of choice of activities, location and duration, allowing to adapt to the nature and purpose of your event.
  4. Material and equipment: The animation pole for the groups of Mobilboard has all the material and equipment necessary for the activities of team building, which can be expensive and tiresome to obtain otherwise.
  5. Safety: our team takes care of the safety of the participants and the activities, which is important for the employers concerned about the safety of their employees.

In summary, using a specialized company to organize a team building event allows for expertise, time savings, flexibility, access to adapted equipment, and the taking care of the safety of participants.

Your team-building in Burgundy

The team building consists of a set of exercises and activities aiming at reinforcing the links between the members of a team, by improving their communication, their collaboration and their cohesion. The objective is to promote a better mutual understanding and to develop a more efficient teamwork.

Activities can range from simple group games to more complex projects involving challenges and problem-solving activities. Team building sessions can take place inside or outside the work environment and can last from a few hours to several days.

If you have already found your meeting room, we can organize your turnkey event.

Have you ever thought about organizing a team building event for your employees in Dijon and Burgundy? Discover the many advantages that this can offer your company.

The advantages of team building for your employees

The first advantage of organizing a team building is the stimulation of creativity and motivation of the employees. Indeed, team building activities are often playful and fun, which allows employees to get out of their work routine and feel more motivated and creative.

Another advantage is the stimulation of communication between employees. Team building activities allow employees to get to know each other better and to understand each other's workings better. This promotes communication and collaboration between team members, which improves the efficiency of teamwork.

The benefits of team building for the company

The organization of a team building can also offer many benefits for the company. First of all, it improves productivity and quality of work. By stimulating creativity and communication between employees, the company can benefit from new ideas and better solutions to problems.

In addition, organizing a team building event can reinforce the company's image as an attractive employer who cares about the well-being of its employees. This can help attract new talent and retain existing employees.