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Segway PTs, bicycles and now electric scooters are available in the largest network for eco-friendly transportation! Come and try out these convenient, easy-to-use and silent vehicles in one of the numerous Mobilboard agencies now offering electric scooter rental. 


Tour the most beautiful tourist attractions, rent a scooter to roam about at your own pace, or check out the best models for daily use. It’s a way of life!


Discover local treasures while your guide gives you useful riding tips. Electric scooter tours can accommodate any group size to help you relax and share a special moment. Explore magical locations, snap some pics and get to see so much more in just a short time. We’re there for you!


Select a scooter to rent for a half-day or full day of exploring. Our agencies guarantee the impeccable condition of scooters and a full charge so you can make the most of your time. 


Riding a scooter is intuitive. You can push off yourself or go completely electric, effortlessly. Choose an eco-friendly mode of transportation that respects the environment.


Your Mobilboard agency offers custom services for both corporate and private groups. You can choose an activity solely using electric scooters or, for example, combine it with a Segway PT offer.


Our activities are open to all, regardless of the age, sex or level of physical activity of participants. Check out our tours and challenge circuits for unforgettable memories!


After renting an electric scooter, you want to buy one for your personal use? In select agencies, you can test drive scooters in order to get a better feel for how they ride and ask any questions you may have. Our experts ride their scooters daily and know the pros and cons of each model by heart. 


We would be happy to help you choose a model for occasional use or totally change the way you move on a daily basis.

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