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Mobilboard : the best activities for your event in Ile Rousse or Calvi

Offer your group unforgettable moments thanks to our wide selection of animations, tours, initiations and rides dedicated to sustainable mobility. At Mobilboard, we are 100% mobile and customizable! We organize your activity from Ile Rousse or from the place of your choice, according to your preferences. You have the freedom to choose the number of participants, the theme, the day and the duration of your event. Whatever your budget, we have solutions to create a pleasant atmosphere, a friendly setting and make all participants laugh.

Whether it is for company animations, seminars, incentive or team-building, opt for a fun, ecological and original activity. With the incentive activities of Mobilboard Ile Rousse, you can maintain your relations with your collaborators, partners and customers on the long term. Our animations are accessible to all and bring a smile to the whole group!

Why call Mobilboard for your seminar in Corsica?

There are several reasons to use our incentive agency:

  1. Competence: Mobilboard has a great mastery of animation and can propose activities as well as logistics adapted to the needs and objectives of your team.
  2. Time saving: a company specialized in activities for seminars like Mobilboard can take care of the complete organization of the team building, thus leaving the leaders of the company free to concentrate on other tasks.
  3. Flexibility : Mobilboard offers great flexibility in terms of choice of activities, location and duration, in order to adapt perfectly to the nature and objectives of your event.
  4. Material and equipment: The animation service for groups of Mobilboard has all the material and equipment necessary for the activities of team building, which can be expensive and laborious to obtain otherwise.
  5. Security: Our team is responsible for the safety of participants and activities, which is crucial for employers concerned about the safety of their employees. In short, soliciting a specialized company for the organization of a team building activity allows you to benefit from their expertise, to save time, to benefit from a great flexibility, to have access to adapted material and to ensure the safety of the participants.

Your team-building in Balagne

Team building is a set of exercises and activities aimed at strengthening the links between team members, improving communication, collaboration and group cohesion. The objective is to promote a better understanding between team members and improve their ability to work together. Activities can range from simple group games to more complex projects including challenges and problem solving exercises.

Team building sessions can be held indoors or outdoors and can last from a few hours to several days. If you have found your meeting room, we will take care of the complete organization of your event.

Have you ever considered organizing a team-building in Ile-Rousse, Calvi and Balagne? Discover why this unique destination can be the perfect place to strengthen your team's bonds and improve your productivity. These destinations not only offer a beautiful setting for your team, but also many stimulating activities that will help strengthen the bonds between your team members.

The island of Corsica is known for its beautiful scenery and white sand beaches. Ile-Rousse, Calvi and Balagne are no exception, offering a beautiful setting for your team. In addition, you can enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment for your activities.

Here are some of the most important advantages:

  1. Strengthen team cohesion- By participating in fun and challenging activities together, your team members can strengthen their bonds and better understand each other.

  2. Improve communication - Team-building activities offer many opportunities to improve communication between team members. By working together to solve challenges or problems, they learn to communicate better and listen to each other.

  3. Foster creativity - Team building can encourage creativity by providing unique experiences that can help stimulate the imagination and develop new ideas.

  4. Improve productivity - By strengthening team cohesion and improving communication, team-building can also have a positive impact on team productivity.