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Mobilboard : circuits and electric bikes rental in Ile Rousse in Corsica !

Mobilboard Île Rousse offers electric bikes rental from 2 hours to a full day. Whether it's for a pleasant ride in Ile Rousse, a more distant exploration or to get to the most beautiful viewpoints, take advantage of our rental offers for an autonomous experience on the bike paths.

Choose to rent without a guide to discover the region in complete freedom. You can choose to pedal normally and use your own muscle power to ride, or use the electric assistance of the bike effortlessly! Saddle, handlebars, helmet and battery, our team guarantees you a comfortable equipment adapted to your excursion.

Distances and elevation changes are no longer an obstacle on your bike ride. You can easily reach the places you have identified. Ask our rental team, specialists in bicycle touring, for advice.

Check out our terms and conditions, book your bike and enjoy the coolest way to rent for a short time.

Tourist routes to visit the Balagne by bike

Balagne is a picturesque region of Corsica that is full of natural and cultural treasures. The best way to discover it is to ride a bike at your own pace. If you are a cycling enthusiast and want to explore this beautiful region, we have prepared for you some tourist itineraries that will take you through the most beautiful landscapes of the Balagne.

Itinerary 1: From Calvi to Ile-Rousse (25 km)

Our first touristic itinerary starts in Calvi, a historical city on the northwest coast of Corsica. You can rent a bike in Calvi and explore the Balagne region. The route starts on the N197 national road, which runs along the coast and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. You can stop at the beach of Lumio for a refreshing swim or to explore the charming fishing village of Sant'Ambroggio. The trip ends in Ile-Rousse, a picturesque port town with a relaxing atmosphere.

Itinerary 2: From Speloncato to Montemaggiore (30 km)

Our second tourist itinerary starts in Speloncato, a mountain village perched at an altitude of 600 meters. You can reach Speloncato by car or by bus from Calvi. The route begins with a gentle descent into the Ostriconi valley, an area known for its beautiful mountain scenery and crystal clear rivers. The route continues with a climb to the village of Montemaggiore, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the valley and the surrounding mountains.

Route 3: From Galéria to Girolata (12 km)

Our third tourist route starts in Galéria, a small coastal town located west of Calvi. You can rent a bike in Galéria and go to discover the Scandola Nature Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The route follows a spectacular coastal road with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the red cliffs of the nature reserve. The route ends in Girolata, a small picturesque fishing village accessible only on foot or by boat.

Why rent an electric bike for a ride?

The bicycle is a practical, economical and ecological means of transportation. It allows you to move quickly and easily in the city and to discover places that you could not reach by car or public transport. However, it can sometimes be difficult to travel long distances or climb hills with a traditional bicycle. That's where the electric bike, or e-bike, comes in, offering electric assistance to help you pedal more easily.

Renting an electric bike has many benefits, whether you're riding around town, hiking in the mountains or taking a family outing. Here are some of the main benefits of renting an electric bike:

  1. Ride longer distances: With an electric assist, you can ride longer distances without getting tired. This allows you to explore more remote locations and discover new landscapes.

  2. Climb hills more easily: Electric bikes offer electric assist to help you climb hills more easily. This allows you to explore more mountainous areas without burning out.

  3. Reduce your carbon footprint: By renting an electric bike, you help reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding the use of motorized vehicles. Electric bikes are also more energy efficient than cars, making them an environmentally friendly option for your commute.

  4. Discover new places: Renting an electric bike allows you to discover places you couldn't reach by car or public transportation. You can explore hidden trails, natural parks and tourist areas while enjoying the great outdoors.