Segway gyro activity in the Quercy region

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Place du Capitole

TOULOUSE Segway tour 1 hour in gyropode

Toulouse is one of those cities that you don't forget, moreover this city is one of the most visited in France.
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Segway gyropod rental in Montauban - Midi Quercy

The Segway gyropod, a single-seat electric vehicle with two parallel wheels, is an innovative product of the American firm Segway Inc, world leader in electric personal transport. Thanks to its sophisticated sensors and its exclusive gyroscopes system, the gyropod maintains a perfect balance, allowing the user to concentrate on driving. Its operation is based on the mechanics of walking, with an instant response to body tilt.

To move forward, lean forward, to slow down, lean back and to steer, simply turn the handlebars. The Segway Gyropod's exceptional safety and maneuverability are guaranteed by its unique operating principle. The intuitive driving of the Segway gyropod is accessible to all and offers a unique driving experience in just a few minutes, compared to skiing or flying carpet.

Visit Montauban Toulouse Albi

Whether for a leisure activity or a sightseeing tour, our offers are ideal to spend pleasant moments with your loved ones. Explore, share, drive: our team of instructors is there to accompany you and make you discover the wonders of our beautiful region during an unforgettable gyropod driving experience. Mobilboard Midi Quercy offers many routes to explore the towns, villages and vineyards of the region.

Renting a Segway is a convenient and easy way to discover a large city without having to worry about fatigue or walking. The advantages of a Segway tour are numerous. First, it's a quick way to get around the city without having to travel long distances. Then, you will be able to enjoy panoramic views on Montauban, Albi or Toulouse. Moreover, you will be able to easily access areas that would be difficult to reach by foot or by car.

Riding a Segway is accessible to most people

Discover the pleasure of moving in Segway in Montauban! Rent a Segway for a unique and fun ride. With the advice of your Mobilboard guide and an adapted initiation, you are sure to live a memorable excursion.

Accessibility for all

Using a Segway is easy and can be mastered quickly, in just a few minutes. Before leaving for a tour in Montauban, Toulouse or Albi you will receive all the necessary instructions for a safe use. So even people with no driving experience can enjoy the Segway.

Ergonomics thought

The Segway has an ergonomic design that allows the user to stay comfortably balanced for a long time. The height-adjustable handles and footrests ensure a comfortable posture for all users, regardless of their size and weight.

A fun activity

The Segway is smaller and more maneuverable than many other forms of transportation, offering a convenient alternative for short-distance travel. It is suitable for a wider audience, including those with mobility difficulties. Segway riding is a fun experience for excursions, walks and trips with your loved ones.

Don't wait any longer to live this unique experience in Montauban, Toulouse or Albi! Book now your Segway tour with Mobilboard and explore the city safely and in a good mood.