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Distribution of flyers in Reims and in Champagne with Mobilboard

Street-marketing is a communication strategy that aims to reach consumers in an innovative and direct way in their daily environment. Mobilboard, as a street-marketing agency in Reims and Champagne region, offers tailor-made solutions to help companies to get known by their target audience.

Why choose flyer distribution for your marketing strategy?

Flyer distribution is an ideal way to create a real dynamic during a period, an event or to optimize a communication campaign. It can include objectives such as creating traffic, improving awareness, promoting a special offer, launching a product, opening a store or participating in a trade show.

The advantages of the distribution of flyers with Mobilboard :

  • An increase in the visibility of your brand to the local population.
  • Brand recognition and differentiation from the competition.
  • Lead generation and interest in your products or services.
  • Immediate increase in sales thanks to a Drive-to-Store operation.
  • Direct contact with the public and improved engagement with them.

How can a street marketing agency in Reims help your company?

A street marketing agency in Reims and Champagne region can offer many services to help companies reach their target audience in an efficient way. Here are some examples of services that a street marketing agency can provide:

  • Design of street marketing campaigns: Mobilboard can help companies design effective street marketing campaigns according to their business objectives and target audience.
  • Operational implementation of the operation: our street-marketing agency organizes on-the-spot flyer distribution, street brand activations and live events to help companies reach their target audience.
  • Results analysis: Mobilboard in Reims monitors the results of the street marketing campaign and provides feedback to help your company improve its communication strategy.
  • Advice and recommendations: In addition to providing street marketing services, our agency can also provide strategic advice to help companies achieve their business objectives.