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Mobilboard: the best activities for your event in Reunion Island

Discover the most fun activities for your event in Reunion Island with Mobilboard! Our teams guarantee you unforgettable moments through a wide variety of animations, tours, initiations and rides, all focused on sustainable mobility.

100% mobile and customized, our activities can be organized in Reunion Island or in any place of your choice. You have control over the number of participants, the theme, the day and the duration of your event. Whatever your budget, we are able to offer you solutions that will create a friendly, warm and laughter-filled atmosphere.

Whether it is for a company animation, a seminar, an incentive or a team-building, choose an original, ecological and fun activity with Mobilboard Reunion. Our incentive activities allow you to maintain strong relationships with your employees, partners and customers. Accessible to all, our animations put a smile on the face of the whole group!

Why call on Mobilboard for your seminar on Reunion Island?

An incentive agency such as Mobilboard Reunion Island can offer many advantages for the organization of your corporate event:

  1. Expertise: with a great experience in animation, Mobilboard can propose activities adapted to the needs and objectives of your team.
  2. Time saving: a specialized agency such as Mobilboard can take care of the entire team building process, allowing managers to concentrate on other tasks.
  3. Flexibility: Mobilboard offers a great flexibility in terms of choice of activities, place and duration, allowing to adapt to the nature and the objective of your event.
  4. Material and equipment: Mobilboard has all the material and equipment necessary for the activities of team building, which can be expensive and tiresome to obtain otherwise.
  5. Security: our team takes care of the security of the participants and the activities, which is important for employers concerned about the safety of their employees. In short, using a specialized company to organize your team building allows you to benefit from their expertise, time savings, flexibility, access to adapted equipment and the care of the participants' safety.

Your team-building in Reunion Island

Are you looking for a unique destination to organize an unforgettable team building activity? Why not choose Reunion Island, an island in the Indian Ocean that offers breathtaking landscapes, a rich culture and a variety of activities to strengthen the bonds within your team? Organizing a team building activity is an excellent way to strengthen the bonds within your team, to stimulate communication and collaboration and to boost motivation. For your event to be a real success, the choice of the destination is essential.

Breathtaking landscapes for an unforgettable experience

Reunion Island is a destination that offers spectacular landscapes. With its volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, forests and beaches, this island is an invitation to escape and adventure. The outdoor activities are numerous. You can also discover the cirques of Cilaos, Salazie and Mafate, the Pitons, the ramparts and the rocks that make the island famous.

A cultural richness and a tasty Creole cuisine

Reunion Island is a multicultural island, with a strong Creole influence, but also African, Indian, Chinese and European. This diversity is reflected in the culture, music, dance, crafts and cuisine. You can discover local traditions, attend festivals and events, visit museums and historical sites, and taste the Creole cuisine, which is a true blend of flavors and spices. Rum, carry, sausage rougail, samoussas and chili sweets are some of the typical dishes of the island that will make your taste buds travel.