Disguise rental in Reunion Island

Duo of Mickey and Minnie mascots for your Christmas events (complete outfits as on the picture).

The mascot is undoubtedly the most classic animation in the field of the event and like all the activities known as "classic", i.e. which do not go out of fashion, it offers a great possibility of success in the achievement of your objectives. It amuses the children, enchants the parents and gives a playful side to all the structures which benefit from it. It is omnipresent in events, whether internal or external, and is an integral part of the visual identity of companies. If you also want to know more about how to set up the Mickey & Minnie mascot couple in your structure, contact us!

The Mascot Costumes are generic and are not affiliated or associated with any company or brand license.

From 249,00€ / day / couple (dry cleaning fees + 30€)

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