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royan velo 5 h

Escapade from Royan to Talmont

Electrically assisted bike ride. The wonders of the estuary, between pines and cliffs 50 km round trip, on Fridays only. Departure at 9:30 am.
From 75 €


Electrically assisted bike tour. The wonders of the estuary, between pines and cliffs 50 km round trip, mornings only. Departure 9:30 am.
From 49 €
royan Talmont vélo 4h


Balade à vélo à assistance électrique. Les merveilles de l'estuaire, entre pins et falaises 50 km A/R, les matins uniquement. Départ 9h30 en Juillet et Aout
From 49 €


Electrically-assisted bike tour of the coastal path, 50 km round trip, afternoons. Departure 2:30 pm in July and August
From 39 €

The advantages of an accompanied electric bike ride

The electric bike is an ecological and silent means of transport that allows you to cover long distances effortlessly. By opting for a guided tour, you'll benefit from the expert advice of a local guide who will show you the must-see sites in and around Royan.

An enriching and convivial experience

Accompanied electric bike tours offer a unique and convivial experience for cyclists of all levels. Thanks to electric assistance, participants can enjoy a pleasant, effortless ride, while discovering magnificent landscapes and sharing a relaxing moment with other enthusiasts.

Cycling is an ecological and economical means of transport

The electric bike is both an ecological and economical means of transport. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and noise pollution, while offering an affordable alternative to public transport and private vehicles.

Discover unusual and little-known places

Accompanied electric bike tours are an opportunity to discover unusual and little-known places, often inaccessible by car. Professional guides take you off the beaten track to discover breathtaking landscapes, historic monuments and exceptional natural sites.

Cycling for all levels

Thanks to electric assistance, electric bike rides are accessible to everyone, whatever their level of cycling experience. Beginners and experienced cyclists alike can enjoy cycling at their own pace, without fear of fatigue or uneven terrain.

Why rent an electric bike?

Cycling is a practical, economical and environmentally-friendly means of transport. It allows you to get around town quickly and easily, and to discover places you couldn't reach by car or public transport. However, it can sometimes be difficult to cover long distances or climb hills with a traditional bicycle. That's where the electric bike, or e-bike, comes in, offering electric assistance to help you pedal more easily.

There are many advantages to renting an electric bike, whether for city rides, mountain tours or family excursions. Here are some of the main advantages of renting an electric bike:

  1. Travel longer distances: With electric assistance, you can cover longer distances without getting tired. This allows you to explore more remote areas and discover new landscapes.

  2. Climb hills more easily: Electric bikes offer electric assistance to help you climb hills more easily. This allows you to explore more mountainous areas without wearing yourself out.

  3. Reduce your carbon footprint: By renting an electric bike, you help reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding the use of motorized vehicles. Electric bikes are also more energy-efficient than cars, making them an eco-friendly option for your commute.

  4. Discover new places: Renting an electric bike lets you discover places you couldn't reach by car or public transport. You can explore hidden trails, natural parks and tourist areas while enjoying the great outdoors.