Segway activity in Saint-Omer, Pas-de-Calais

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activité groupe segway golf saint-omer

Segway Activity Saint-Omer - The Golf Course

A course intended for the confirmed of the gyropode, resolutely technical and in full nature, come to live a new adventure in a frame out of the common of the golf of Lumbres.
From 30 €
balade segway chateau de Tilques saint-omer

Activity Segway Saint-Omer - The Marsh and the castle of Tilques

Escape during an exceptional ride in the heart of the marsh and enjoy a tasty meal at the Najeti castle hotel in Tilques. After a great ride on a gyro, you will discover the authentic charm of the castle of Tilques with this exclusive formula.
From 56 €
decouverte saint-omer segway

Segway initiation course - Saint-Omer

Curious to discover the sensations of driving a gyropod? Learn how to drive this fabulous machine during this 30-minute initiation course.
From 15 €

Segway rental in Saint-Omer

Discover Segway gyropod rental in Saint-Omer! This single-seater electric personal transport, created by the American company Segway Inc., market leader, has two parallel wheels that are self-stabilizing thanks to a system of gyroscopes and sophisticated sensors. You won't need to worry about balance as it is automatically ensured, even while moving.

The gyropod works by tilting your body forward to move forward and backward to slow down, following the principle of walking. To change direction, you simply turn the handlebars. This unique method of operation provides exceptional maneuverability and amazing safety.

Everyone can enjoy the intuitive driving of the Segway gyropod, offering a unique driving experience between skiing and flying carpet. Try it now and discover unforgettable sensations in only a few minutes!

Visit Saint-Omer, discover the Pas de Calais and its landscapes

Saint-Omer and the Pas-de-Calais are regions rich in history and culture, offering many interesting tourist sites to explore. Here are some reasons why you might want to visit these places:

  1. Architecture: Saint-Omer has a medieval old town with many historic buildings such as the leaning tower, the Notre-Dame cathedral and the belfry.

  2. Natural Heritage: Pas-de-Calais is known for its sandy beaches and cliffs, such as the cliffs of Escalles, which offer a breathtaking view of the sea.

  3. War history: The Pas-de-Calais has been the scene of many conflicts, including the First World War. There are many military cemeteries and memorials that bear witness to this period.

  4. Gastronomy: The region is famous for its local products, notably cider, beer and cheese. You can sample these products in the many restaurants in the area.

Explore Saint-Omer and its beautiful landscapes with Mobilboard! Whether it is for a leisure activity or for a tourist tour, our packages are ideal for sharing convivial moments with family or friends. Our instructors will accompany you to make you discover the pleasure of driving the gyropod and the hidden treasures of our beautiful region.

Mobilboard Saint-Omer offers many routes to explore the picturesque streets of the city by gyropod. Renting a Segway is an easy and convenient way to discover the city, without having to worry about walking or getting tired. There are many reasons to visit Saint-Omer by gyropode with Mobilboard. First of all, the gyropode is a quick way to move around the city without having to walk long distances. Moreover, you will be able to admire panoramic views of Saint-Omer. You can also easily access areas that would be difficult to reach by car or on foot.

Driving a Segway is accessible to most people

Riding a Segway is an activity accessible to everyone. Renting a Segway to visit Saint-Omer offers a unique and fun ride with proper guidance and initiation. The use of the Segway is easy to learn and is accessible to a large public without driving experience. In addition, its ergonomic design allows for a comfortable posture for users of different sizes and weights. The Segway is also very fun, especially for excursions, walks and short distance trips with your loved ones.

So don't delay and book your Segway tour in Saint-Omer today to explore the city with your Mobilboard guide!