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GÉNIAL!!! Nous avions un peu d'appréhension mais en fin de compte nous avons été tellement bien formés que tout c' Bien passé.Tout le monde peut faire à tous les âges !😉 Tatiana est absolument parfaite !!👍🏼 😊 Merci!!

01/09/2020 - Carmen F.

Hello ! Super balade avec Prune ! Nous avons beaucoup apprécié ses conseils. Elle est très avenante et très souriante et ça c'est cool ! Reste tel que tu es, une excellente guide ! Kerem et Sam Kiss d'Orléans =)

20/07/2020 - Kerem T.

Superb initiation with Prune! Thank you for the beautiful ride ... only one desire: to do it again 😉

09/07/2020 - Elisabeth M.

Très belle expérience. Très bon accueil de notre moniteur William qui a su nous mettre à l'aise et qui nous a permis de découvrir ce moyen de locomotion dans un cadre magnifique. A refaire sans hésiter !

30/06/2020 - Isabelle B.

Très jolie première en Segway avec un peu d appréhension pour la maîtrise de l'engin, mais les bons conseils de notre guide ont rendu cette découverte du vieux Annecy et de ses bords du lac, géniale !! Recommande fortement !!

12/06/2020 - Thibaut D.

Belle activité récréative. Nos ados ont adoré. Ils avaient déjà fait la ballade vers Impérial et on été contents de pratiquer cette balade le long du lac. Merci à leur accompagnatrice pour sa gentillesse.

28/04/2020 - Chantal

Fait balade ce jour. Équipe super sympa et super expérience ! À tester sans hésitation ! Segway très facile à manipuler, balade au bord du lac avec le soleil M, le top !!!

28/04/2020 - Karine

C'était une première sur un segway et c'est juste top. Les animatrices ont été très prevenantes et bienveillantes nous permettant d'être à l'aise sur les segway. La visite commentée est un plus.

28/04/2020 - Plasmastron

Une super balade d'une heure au bord du lac vraiment sympa, Albane est professionnelle et très sympa merci encore pour tes explications sur la ville d Annecy, très intéressant.
A faire sans hésitation

28/04/2020 - Coco

I recommend this activity to do with family or friends to visit Annecy in a fun way. A nice route between gardens, lake, canal and river. The 2 guides Caroline and Caroline were very friendly and reassured us all.

24/07/2019 - Sonia R.

We were ten people for a surprise birthday and were able to visit Annecy at night after 6pm. We thus avoid the crowds of the day and mobilboarder at our ease in the old town. Really good time!

24/07/2019 - Yvette H.

Great experience! Very easy to handle, great guides and superb places visited, varied, city, countryside and lakeside. Do not miss.
We took it for two hours and loved it. Let's ask for more. An extraordinary discovery with two caring guides Caroline and Caroline, verbose in nice info on Annecy. Very well dosed! Let's go back!

24/07/2019 - Sarah P.

Caroline took us round. Riding the Segway is easier than I ever imagined it could be. Easier than a bike or scooter and very safe. The tour was really good. We had the 2 hours and I'd have done another 2. Caroline was really nice, good fun and knowledgable. I would highly recommend and whenever I see Segway Tours - I am booking. 

24/07/2019 - Biscuit

The participants were very satisfied and came out of today's trip, thank you for taking care of them so well.

29/10/2019 - Marie

An excellent and pretty walk with some explanations of the city, an excellent welcome, Marius our guide to the TOP, I highly recommend.

29/10/2019 - Sylvie

Very nice visit aboard the segways, we had a great time and we had a good laugh. The instructor Caroline was great and explained Annecy to us well. A visit that was very fun. We strongly recommend this activity.

29/10/2019 - Delphine

This ride segway was much appreciated, thank you for your tolerance and kindness, this 1 year-end exit era for our young company was a success crowned by snow Semnoz ... everything was there!

24/12/2019 - Agnes

Great ride in segwai, accessible to all and a big thank you to Caroline our super welcoming, smiling and funny guide. 😁

13/08/2019 - Roger family

Perfect! Superb family outing accompanied by our Roxane guide! A real moment of shared pleasure in a sumptuous setting. The Segway quickly becomes addictive. To test or retest urgently ...

12/07/2018 - Anthony S.

We had booked the 1 hour tour at the base, but it is imperative to do the 1h30 tour. The 1 hour tour you will see that the lake and you will have seen nothing of Annecy. It is imperative to make a minimum of the old city with the passage of the canals which is really wahoo. The segway is very easy to take in hand for anyone and is a fun, fun, and atypical way to visit Annecy otherwise. We loved our visit under a beautiful sun and more! Thanks to the whole team.

11/06/2018 - Aurélie G.

Atypical and rich discovery !!! Pleasantly surprised by this fun visit to Annecy, the two guides are dynamic, friendly and cultivated. They allowed us to discover the secrets of the Venetian Alps. I will repeat this experience of the Segway in Lyon without hesitation. Thanks to Caroline & Marylène.

16/04/2018 - Alae C.

Awesome ! It was a great moment, very pleasant guide, attraction to repeat without hesitation. I recommend !

04/12/2017 - Lucie D.

We took 1 hour and a half of visit and despite the freezing cold the activity went super fast !!! It is a totally unusual way to visit the old town and the surroundings of the lake. Special mention to our super "guidebook" who will recognize himself! Stops at each interesting site with explanations on each monument. In short, to do! In addition the handling of the giropod is done very quickly.

01/02/2018 - Laurence B.

Atypical discovery. Pleasantly surprised by this fun tour of Annecy, that a young dynamic and cultivated guide, made us discover, we will repeat without hesitation this experience of mobilboarding, and this impatiently. Thanks to Colin

23/03/2018 - Xavier V.

Excellent team !! Thank you to the whole team for this wonderful ride and for their sympathy. The equipment is up to the beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

12/07/2018 - Proteinstd

The best part of our vacation! Everything about this tour was perfect. The team and trainers / tour guides were welcoming, charming, helpful and thoughtful. The segways were so easy to ride, after a few minutes of practice, we felt really safe and confident. The scenery was breathtaking and the visit was fun, interesting and educational. I can't find a single negative. Would definitely do it again! Thank you !

09/11/2017 - Barney Q.

We took the tour of the city and the lake in 1 hour 30 minutes, it was interesting and perfect for us who had already tasted the joys of the Segway. The attendant was really cheerful and very attached to security.

04/10/2017 - Nathalie A.

There were four of us to carry out this activity and we had a blast. The guides were just on top, the team was great. We spent a very pleasant hour just laughing. A big thank you, we will come back !!! I recommend 10000%

25/09/2017 - Rachel D.

We made our ballad near the Blackberry. The supervisor was awesome and we immediately gained confidence. We had teenagers, very pedagogue that went very well: even more easily than us. Fun, nice walk with a view of the Vercors. To do without hesitation!

16/09/2017 - Stéphane B.

Awesome ! For a first, great experience with very good advice to put everyone at ease. At the end, we no longer want to get off the Segway. To renew for a longer ride.

27/07/2018 - Reynath2018

Excellent! A super nice team, a beautiful city. Perfect, to redo and recommend! I would come back to make other circuits even longer, always never enough!

27/07/2018 - MiniCuch

A great activity to discover the city of Annecy in every corner! A team of thunder with girls as pleasant as competent !! To do over and over again !! A special thanks for Roxanne who knew how to entertain us while supervising us :) Long live the segway !!!

24/08/2018 - Tifanie

Registration happens quickly, no need to leave a deposit or ID. We climb very quickly on the machines and, after an explanation, we start to use them to train and take them in hand. It's pretty intuitive and it's going well.
The visit then went very well. In addition to learning to ride a Segway, we stroll around Lake Annecy and the guide tells us the history of some emblematic places in Annecy. Top.

30/06/2018 - We-eur

Pleasant stroll by the lake. Initiation of the Segway and tourist explanations. Very friendly mobilboard team.

11/06/2018 - lantelmeandco

Nice walk (Annecy Insolite) with the first part by the lake and the second in the old town and the banks of the Thiou.
The organization is very good, you can take your time for the photos and the very friendly guide explains a few anecdotes throughout the ride.

01/06/2018 - Dominica421

Very nice discovery. It was a great discovery with quality supervision which encourages me to come back the next time with the family ...

04/12/2017 - Semnoz

A TOP experience. An extraordinary moment in an idyllic setting. The segway is very easily taken in hand, one quickly feels comfortable. The person who supervised us was very attentive to our expectations.

09/11/2017 - Rousset

We got too much. The top explanations, the course next to the top lake. The super nice accompanist. We will come back 😉

01/11/2017 - Fab.Mo

For a first in Annecy it was great! at the beginning, a little stress while thinking not to manage the segway, but the instructors trained us well and reassured us! Once you're on it it's simple and fun! Young or older, anyone can do it ;) Anyway, it's a great way to visit

12/09/2017 - Chloel. 518

Very friendly guide, easy to use segway, the ballad path is very pleasant and the few information given on the various interesting places (although she is not a tourist guide), I highly recommend

28/08/2017 - Mag S.

Unusual visit to Annecy with a super instructor, who takes his time to explain how the Segways work and then take a leisurely stroll through Annecy, short moments of discussion during the ride, and photo breaks. To recommend !

17/03/2016 - Laura F.

Really great ride, our guide Anais just adorable, professional and passionate. Quick start to make the most of a wonderful landscape and route!

07/03/2016 - Francois Q.

Great experience! Thank you to Benjamin from the Annecy Mobilboard team who knew how to put us at ease from the start and with whom we had fun for 1 hour 30 minutes! It goes too fast but what a pleasure to discover the city and its hidden corners by Segway. For those who still hesitate, go for it, you will not regret it !!!

16/07/2015 - Sandrine B.

A great activity open to all. Great memories under the Annecy sun, to do again ....

19/05/2014 - Cyrille M.

1st tour in Budapest for the discovery of the segway, I couldn't help making my darling discover it, who also loved this moment. Julie, a big thank you for your city tour of Annecy (Annecy-le vieux) and introduction to 4x4, descending the stairs, etc ... a pure moment of happiness and freedom !! A real treat these little machines ...; 0) see you soon for another city we hope.

15/11/2011 - Nicole A.

The most fun on two wheels you will ever have! We had used a Segway once before in Barcelona and enjoyed it so much that when we saw there was a chance to do it in Annecy we made enquires. There were options for a variety of tours and we chose the half day Nature tour. Julie was our tour guide and also the owner of the company. She was good fun, a great mix of professional and friendly. We were very lucky her English was so good as our French was very limited. It took no time to feel comfortable operating the Segway. The machine was so responsive and felt so safe. It is such a clever design, it responds to your movemnt. You just lean forward to go forewards and lean backwards to go backwards. To stop you simply just stand upright and it responds immediately. You hold onto a stick with a handle bar and to turn you just push the stick in the direction you wish to go. You don't have to even balance on the platform it just somehow does it with no effort from the person on it. We met Julie at their shopfront in Annecy and she drove us along with the segway's to a nearby town where our tour started. We had some initial instruction and when Julie was happy that we were safe to let loose we were off.We climbed hills over some rugged terrain, through farmland, through some beautiful little villages, winding up and down dirt tracks and roads. We stopped for a bite to eat at a beautiful spot looking down at the lake below. When the tour finished we went away feeling like it was the highlight of our holiday. Needless to say we are now hooked on Segways. Julie thanks for all the fun you gave us, we hope you do well with your business in Annecy. I have no doubt you will.

29/03/2011 - Middo L.

Superb visit with Caroline. Very interesting visit the staff immediately put at ease, fun activity to do imperatively during a short stay in Annecy.

26/09/2017 - Colin V.