Electric bicycle rental

Choose the Mobilboard quality of service

You can now rent an electric bicycle in select Mobilboard agencies! We’re passionate about eco-friendly vehicles and innovative modes of transportation. So for us, giving you the chance to discover the pleasure and fun of riding an electric bicycle was a no-brainer.


2 parallel wheels or 2 inline wheels? You can mix it up while enjoying the same quality of service from Mobilboard. Take a guided tour to explore a city, rent on your own to wander about at your own pace, or check out the best deals on e-bikes for daily use. We bet you’re going to love them!

Guided tours

Find the secret spots that only locals know! Our guides share their passion for their region while taking you on a tour in total safety. Enjoy breathtaking views, easily accessible with the help of electric bicycles and their large range. Our professional equipment gets you to isolated locations while letting you choose the amount of work you put in!

Electric bicycle rental

Rent without a guide to explore the area all on your own. You can pedal like a normal bike and use your muscles to drive the wheels or use the bike’s electric assistance effortlessly! Distance and elevation no longer matter on your route. It’s easy to get to wherever you’re going in the area. Ask your Mobilboard agency for ideas and advice.


Check out our group activities using only e-bikes or combining them with Segway PTs. Your Mobilboard agency offers custom services for both corporate and private groups. 


Each activity is designed to be open to all, regardless of their level of physical activity. Guided by our friendly staff, share a special moment and have fun!


After renting an electric bicycle, it’s normal to ask yourself the question: “Should I buy one for myself?” As experts who use various models daily, our agency staff can guide you in selecting the best model for your needs, after a real-life test drive.


In order to get the best advice, feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding the way you plan on using your bicycle. Once you start to use your electric bike in your daily life, for fun or for work, you’ll never go back!

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