Review of Mobilboard Saint-Omer

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Julie H.25/05/2017
Unforgettable discovery of the Segway in the forest and in the marshes of Saint Omer! Super welcoming and super friendly guide! I highly recommend the experience!
René G.25/05/2017
The Segway is a way to easily stroll around town on the sidewalks and to tour the many historic monuments that dot this beautiful city of Art and History. the initiation is very simple, it is the movement of the body which makes it possible to move, to slow down .... after 10 minutes you can get started accompanied by a charming guide who gives advice. Great discovery of the cathedral, the Public Garden! In short it is totally exotic, to discover with family is great .... we share the discoveries. Done with my son in July .... we are ready to return this as soon as possible!

Alexis S.25/05/2017
A great time, January 3, 2017, around the Audomarois marsh with our guide Franck. The Segway is very simple to handle ... finally on foot! 1h30 of pure happiness with a guided tour of the marsh and an extraordinary top speed at 20km / h on the asphalt. Thank you for this moment and a huge thank you to Franck for his kindness and professionalism.
excellent afternoon on a Segway with my 15 year old son, through the streets of Saint -Omer, to discover the historical heritage accompanied by Franck, our very friendly guide. Small pose in a bar around a coffee in order to warm up, family friendly moment. It was fun! AGAIN THANKS TO FRANCK FOR THIS MOMENT OF RELAXATION AND SHARING
betty and ludwig

gift offered via the groupon site, original and pleasant way to visit the city of St Omer. very easy handling of the machine. friendly guide with some anecdotes. I recommend
Sylvie D.25/05/2017
Very nice visit to sunny Saint Omer (and yes, it's possible The North under the sun on April 8 ...) with the family. The beacon is simple to understand, the explanations are rich and our guide was very friendly. Without forgetting the break at the Lighthouse on the way back ... I recommend

Stéphane P25/05/2017
We spent a very good morning crisscrossing the streets and monuments of saint omer on our craft punctuated by historic break on the city. I highly recommend this activity and thank you to our guide for his sympathy.

Jeremy F.25/05/2017
We did the route in town. This visit was superb! We learned a lot about the history of the city of Saint Omer. The guide is really great, he puts us in safety and gives us very good advice !! We really loved this ride! I highly recommend it! Thanks again to the guide for this visit! We really had fun! : D
Just awesome !!! Before getting on the Segway the apprehension makes its appearance but after 5 minutes, it is only happiness and so original as a ride. the Segway is very easy to handle, moreover just let yourself be guided and presto let's go and .. we no longer want to stop, nor stop the ride! The guide is very educational, very reassuring ... which gives us confidence, and then off we go with a break at the lighthouse cafe: superb place too. TO DO and TO DO AGAIN and especially to DO DISCOVER .. as a gift idea for example.
didious3 Tilques, France25/05/2017
To rediscover his city in a unique way and more with a great guide and very attentive to people who apprehend the steering of the Segway ... here is an idea for a gift with more varied courses (city, swamp and forest)