Cannes Festival: the video of the street marketing operation with Segway gyropod for San Marina!

Published on 07/06/2013

During the Cannes Film Festival, San Marina realized a large-scale communication operation, with the organization of a photo contest... On this occasion, an important device of Segway gyropods was set is a real buzz that San Marina created during 3 days, at the Cannes Film Festival! Indeed, the famous shoe brand invited all the passers-by to go to the store to choose the shoes of their choice and pose with them, in front of a professional photographer. At the end of the 3 days, 15 photos were selected and the Internet users could elect, on Facebook, the "star of Cannes"!

A communication operation that seduced the passers-by who were walking on the Croisette and who inevitably met the 3 hosts and hostesses with Segway gyropods, who came to inform them about the contest and the prizes to be won. At nightfall, the Segway gyropods, equipped with the LED system, lit up to surprise the people who were going to the different parties organized during the Cannes Film Festival.

Since its launch, the LED system creates the event at each street marketing operation! The illuminated fairings attracted the eyes of all the passers-by and the flashes of the professional photographers present for the event.

Discover the video of the street marketing operation for San Marina, during the Cannes Festival: