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Balade la Rochelle découverte mobilité douce

Our Mixed "Soft Mobility" Walks

The "Mobilités Douces" tour is an ideal and original way to discover La Rochelle using a mix of gyropods, scooters and bikes!
Mobilboard la rochelle - circruit green pursuit

Green Pursuit" game - La Rochelle

Mobilboard has revisited the famous "Trivial Pursuit" with a Made in La Rochelle twist. An original and friendly way to discover La Rochelle while having fun!

Mobilboard: the best activities for your event in La Rochelle

Our teams will provide your group with unforgettable moments thanks to a wide selection of activities, tours, initiations and rides dedicated to sustainable mobility. 100% mobile and customizable! We organize your event from La Rochelle or any other location of your choice. You can choose the number of participants, the theme, the day and the duration of the event.

Whatever your budget, we have solutions to create a pleasant atmosphere, a friendly environment and make participants laugh. For corporate events, seminars, incentives and team-buildings, opt for a fun, ecological and original activity. With Mobilboard La Rochelle's incentive activities, you can strengthen long-term relationships with your staff, partners and customers.

Our activities are accessible to all, and guarantee a smile for the whole group!

Why call on Mobilboard for your seminar in Charente-Maritime?

There are many reasons to call on an incentive company like Mobilboard La Rochelle to plan your business event:

  1. Competence: With many years' experience in the animation field, Mobilboard can provide tailor-made activities and logistics adapted to your requirements and team objectives.
  2. Time optimization: A company specializing in seminar activities, such as Mobilboard, can take charge of the entire team building planning process, freeing up company managers to concentrate on other tasks.
  3. Flexibility: Mobilboard offers great flexibility in terms of choice of activities, location and duration, to suit the nature and purpose of your event.
  4. Equipment and materials: Mobilboard's animation department provides all the materials and equipment required for team-building activities, avoiding the cost and hassle of obtaining them by other means.
  5. Safety: Our team takes care of the safety of participants and activities, which is essential for employers concerned about the safety of their employees.

All in all, using a specialist company to organize a team building event offers advantages in terms of expertise, time, flexibility, access to the right equipment and taking care of participants' safety.

Your unusual team-building event in La Rochelle

Are you looking for an ideal location to organize a team-building activity for your company? Look no further than La Rochelle! With its sunny climate, rich cultural heritage and beautiful Atlantic coastline, La Rochelle is an ideal destination for an unforgettable team-building event.

Team building is an important activity for any company concerned with staff cohesion and productivity. Team building activities enable employees to get to know each other and work together to solve problems and achieve common goals.

La Rochelle is a city on France's Atlantic coast. It is known for its historical heritage, culture and cuisine. The city is also an ideal place to organize a team-building activity for your company.

A beautiful Atlantic coast

La Rochelle is situated on the Atlantic coast, making it an ideal location for water-based activities. You can organize boat, kayak or paddle trips for your team. These activities enable employees to work together to achieve a common goal, while enjoying the beauty of the Atlantic coast.

A rich cultural heritage

La Rochelle is a city with a rich cultural heritage. You can organize team-building activities around the discovery of the city and its history. You can organize treasure hunts or guided tours to discover La Rochelle's historic monuments and tourist sites.

Local cuisine

Cuisine is an important part of any team-building activity. La Rochelle is famous for its local cuisine, with fresh seafood and delicious traditional dishes. You can organize culinary tastings for your team, or even cooking classes to learn how to prepare local dishes.

Adapted infrastructures

La Rochelle has the perfect infrastructure for team-building activities. There are numerous hotels and restaurants in the city to accommodate you and enjoy fine meals with your team. The city also has meeting rooms and event spaces to organize your team building activities.