"Terre & Mer Sensations - La Rochelle

Mobilboard offers you a double activity for an exceptional discovery of La Rochelle from both the land and the sea!

This animation "Land and Sea Sensations" offers an incomparable discovery of La Rochelle ! It is articulated around 2 activities carried out on a half-day. A "Land" activity and a "Sea" activity of 2 hours each.

Découvrir La Rochelle autrement Mobilboard

The "Land" activity : our Mobilboard animators propose you to discover the city "Porte Océane" with the help of soft means of transportation such as the Segway gyropod, the electric scooter and/or the electric assisted bicycle. An unusual and original way to visit La Rochelle. Your tour will be punctuated with historical anecdotes about the city and its fascinating past.

Balade guidée groupe La Rochelle

The richness and diversity of La Rochelle will be revealed to your colleagues during your 2-hour tour. Our guides are always eager to help you discover their city like a native of La Rochelle.

The "Sea" activity : For the second activity the Mobilbvoard team proposes you to embark on board a comfortable catamaran in order to enjoy a unique 360° panorama. An exceptional way to discover the splendid Rochelais coastline and its maritime heritage.

Activité en mer pour incentive séminaire à La Rochelle

The entrance in the Old Port alone is worth the detour! During this beautiful sea trip you can also enjoy a small snack 100% Charentaise!

La Rochelle - Sortie de groupe en mer

Terre & Mer Sensations is a great activity to do in La Rochelle. It transports you elsewhere, suspends time and allows you to recharge your batteries!

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La Rochelle 360° version !

La Rochelle - Sortie en mer à catamaran

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