Review of Mobilboard Lyon

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Nicolas A.24/01/2018
Great ride thank you. I could say that I know Lyon from another angle. To do again easily damage for the time, but already had no rain. Regards, Nicolas
Dimitri O.28/12/2017
Super dynamic staff. Very interesting stroll in the streets of Lyon. I highly recommend it.
Cecile M.28/12/2017
A very pleasant visit to Lyon, with a top guide, both a pedagogue on the use of the Segway and a very good tourist guide! very very nice for a slightly more dynamic guided tour! :)
This is a very exciting experience! And in addition, the weather was fine, although cool (when I arrived, my hands were cold ...) But baste! the ease of handling and the pleasure of being able to walk without walking but as if one were a pedestrian, it is a blessing for arthritis sufferers ... Alas, the hammer the machine almost requires to use it as we would use an electric car: get in and out of the box where the charger should be installed which would be fine etc ... And, speaking of an electric vehicle, it is not far from that of an urban electric vehicle, once the premiums that go with it are deducted! But parking question, no comparison: at the foot of the place to go. Of course, I could see more modest machines, but also less reassuring ... I will still think about it, because all the same ... Thank you for the time spent and the patience it took for me initiate! Best regards
A nice walk on the banks of the Rhône and Saône for 1 hour. The 2 guides were very friendly ...! The sensation is very surprising and contrary to what one might think it is within everyone's reach ... !!! Thank you !! I'll be back.
Serge M.30/08/2017
Accustomed to this kind of visit, we always prefer a Segway visit to start our stays in a city that we do not know. The tour of mobilboard guide by Justine, enchanted us. Justine knows her city very well, and the 3-hour route gave us the opportunity to situate the districts of Lyon well, see the most famous monuments, pass along the quays and ride in the parc de la tête d'or. . If you like to ride a Segway, Lyon is really suitable for this exercise and our guide Justine will take you to discover many things in this lovely city.
almost 3 hours of team building with a group of 8 people of different nationalities. 10 minutes of preparation with clear explanations and a little essay, and off we go for a walk on the quays and in the park of the golden head with Justine at the head and her colleague to close the march. a pétanque break to strengthen the team's ties and return to the city. an unforgettable moment for the whole team. thank you !
Visit Lyon on Segway? A great idea! Already the pleasure of visiting such a beautiful city: we were all from Lyon and yet our "guide" taught us many things that we did not know. Then, get on this Segway; once you have tasted it it is a real pleasure. Mix it all with more than friendly friends and it makes you an exceptional moment! Thank you
A discovery of the original city. Means of transport easy to take in hand and very good supervision (patience and skill!). This first experience makes you want to start again.
Super tour of Lyon on a Segway with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide about Lyon, the places and the stories there may have been. I recommend !