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location velo lyon

Bike ride in the Parc de la tête d'or in Lyon - 2h

Join us for a 2-hour bike ride through Lyon and the beautiful Parc de la Tête d'Or. Discover the must-see places of the city and also enjoy more unusual places and local anecdotes thanks to your guide.
From 25 €
grand tour velo balade

The great tour of Lyon by bike - 3h

Go for a bike ride around Lyon! Cross the Tête d'Or park, visit the Old Lyon and discover the contemporary district of Confluence. You will love to visit Lyon by bike!
From 40 €
Food tour Lyon : la balade à vélo en mode apéritivo

Food tour: the aperitivo bike ride

Discover Lyon by combining a bike ride with gourmet treats! Get ready for a 2-hour adventure in aperitivo mode, with tastings including an outdoor picnic and an aperitif stop at our partner shop OhMyGone.
From 39 €
location velo confort ville lyon

City bike rental - day (+4h)

Make the most of a full day's cycling in Lyon. Choose our Confort city bikes to discover the city easily and at your own pace.
From 30 €
Vente vélos d'occasion à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Location vélo électrique Lyon - Express (0-2h)

Découvrez Lyon autrement avec notre location de vélo électrique pendant 2 heures ! Parcourez les pistes cyclables, les berges du Rhône animées et les magnifiques parcs de la ville en toute liberté et sans effort. Profitez de l'assistance électrique pour gravir les collines en douceur et admirez les panoramas à couper le souffle.
From 25 €
location velo electrique lyon

Electric bike rental Lyon - 1/2 day (2-4h)

To enjoy a nice bike ride in Lyon, the electric bike is the perfect ally. With its great autonomy, you will be able to cover several kilometers serenely on Lyon's tracks. Our electric bikes are also very easy to handle and the rental includes all Mobilboard services.
From 33 €
location velo electrique lyon

Electric bike rental Lyon - Day (+4h)

With the rental of an electric bike for a day, you will love to ride around Lyon! Enjoy the city at your own pace and without effort, thanks to a great autonomy, our electric bikes will take you on beautiful rides.
From 43 €
Location vélo cargo à Lyon

Cargo bike rental (non-electric)

Renting a cargo bike is the perfect way to go on a family outing, easily and safely for the enjoyment of young and old.
From 40 €

Bike rental Lyon (69)

Bike rental in Lyon has been very popular for several years now. Safe cycling facilities and the city's attractiveness with superb places to discover make bike rental an easy outdoor activity accessible to the greatest number. The best bike rides in and around Lyon are with Mobilboard! Discover the city's most beautiful spots by bike, with or without a guide. Cycling is a great way to visit Lyon, thanks to the many cycle paths that make it easy to loop around for several kilometers. On Mobilboard, you'll find the best bike rentals in Lyon. Choose your format: free rental or guided tour, then your type of bike.

Urban bikes for every taste

We've got the perfect range of bikes to get you around Lyon: light, muscular city bikes, easy-to-use electric city bikes with over 80 kilometers of batteries, children's bikes for ages 6 and up, child seats and even a cargo bike. All you have to do is take advantage of your rental to enjoy some great bike rides around Lyon!

Different rental formats? For electric bike rentals, the first package starts from 0 to 2 hours for just €25. Then there's a 2-4h package for 33€, and finally an all-day rental for 43€ per electric bike. For classic bikes, it's even simpler! You can choose between a half-day package (0-4h) for 20€ or a full-day package (+4h) for 30€. By way of comparison, the maximum rental charge for a Vélo'v is €35 (for a heavier bike designed for everyday use).

All bike rentals in Lyon

City bike rentals

We use two brands of bikes: Arcade's Charleston and Peugeot's LC-21. Both have similar characteristics: very light, easy to use, 7 speeds and a super-mega-comfortable saddle! It'll be your perfect ally for a great bike ride around Lyon and beyond, to the Grand Parc de Miribel-Jonage for example.

Mountain bike rental (VTC)

When you rent one of our Serious Cedar mountain bikes, the roads around Lyon (Monts du Lyonnais, Monts d'Or, etc.) are yours to explore. Spend some great days exploring the area by bike on your next weekend or holiday in Lyon.

Electric bike hire

There are a thousand and one reasons to rent an electric bike in Lyon with Mobilboard. Doing a long loop, climbing Fourvière or Croix-Rousse more easily, being able to accompany friends or family who are on classic bikes. Whatever the reason, you'll find our range of Vitality and e-color electric bikes from Arcade at our branch. These electric bikes are perfect for touring Lyon, whatever your itinerary.

Cycling, the top outdoor equipment rental in Lyon

Choosing your rental format

Our bike rental service is very simple: choose your bike and your package from the whole range of our offers on our reservation system. Then meet us at our dedicated bike rental kiosk on Place Bellecour, and set off on an adventure with your bike. Everyone is welcome at Mobilboard. We offer classic city bikes, electric bikes, a cargo bike, a trailer and children's bikes.

Lyon bike rental: guided tour or self-guided rental?

Whether you live in Lyon or are staying in our beautiful city, renting is an ideal way to get out and about. At Mobilboard, you can choose one of our guided tours on a classic or electric bike, or pick up a bike and set off at your own pace on the itinerary of your choice.

Must-see places with a bike rental in Lyon

At Mobilboard, you can choose a free bike rental or a rental for a guided tour. If you'd like to go at your own pace, we'll be happy to advise you on the best places to go and the safest, most accessible routes. Have you chosen a guided tour? Follow the guide! We'll help you discover Lyon through our little secrets and anecdotes. Here are just a few of the things you can do in Lyon by bike:

The banks of the Rhône

This is where the ViaRhôna passes through on its way to Geneva or the Mediterranean. The ViaRhône crosses Lyon over 7km from north to south with this beautiful, traffic-free promenade.

Parc de la Tête d'Or

One of our favorite spots. With its 114 hectares of greenery, the Parc de la Tête d'Or is Lyon's green lung. You can stop off to enter the tropical greenhouses, discover the animals in the animal park or stroll through the magnificent rose garden. With Mobilboard, bike locks are included in the rental price, so don't hesitate to stop and take in the sights!

The banks of the Saône

From Île Barbe to Confluence, cycling along the Saône is a must and a particularly pleasant experience. You'll love seeing the different landscapes unfold before you: natural waterside to the north, urban and contemporary to the south. You'll also pass through Vieux-Lyon, one of the city's historic districts and undoubtedly one of its most emblematic.

La Confluence

Formerly an industrial wasteland with a market-train station and the old port of Lyon, today it's a contemporary district with a thousand faces. You'll love cycling here, and even stopping off at the Place Nautique for a relaxing moment with friends or family.

Frequently asked questions

🫰 How much does it cost to rent a bike in Lyon?

Prices vary according to equipment and duration. For example, expect to pay €20 for a half-day bike rental, €25 for a 2-hour electric bike rental, €40 for a guided tour of the Grand Tour de Lyon or €39 for our Food Tour by bike!

🚸 Are the rentals child-friendly?

Yes, families are very welcome at Mobilboard. We have children's bikes from age 6 (20 inches), child seats (up to 20kg), a single-seater trailer (up to 45kg) and a 4-seater cargo bike to take your tribe with you.

🚲 What different types of bikes do you offer in Lyon?

You can choose between 4 types of bikes for rental:

  • Classic bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Children's bikes
  • Cargo bikes

🎒 Do you offer accessories and equipment?

The anti-theft device and basket are always included in our rental packages. Our helmets are available free of charge (not compulsory for children over 12).

We offer 17.5L touring panniers, puncture-proof bombs and rain jackets for hire, subject to availability. We recommend booking in advance on the website.

🛞 What to do in the event of a puncture or breakage?

There is no assistance in our rental packages. In the event of breakage or a puncture: we can't pick you up, you must return by your own means. We invite you to give us a call so that we can direct you to the easiest way back.

Our bikes are under warranty for each rental. In the event of a breakdown or puncture, repair costs will be invoiced, but you will only be charged the deductible of 10% of these costs.

🧑‍🧑‍🧒‍🧒 Are your guided tours accessible to the general public?

Yes, we've designed our tours to be as accessible as possible. That's why the majority of our tours are on flat itineraries, like our 2-hour tour of the Parc de la Tête d'Or or our 3-hour Grand Tour.

However, the 2h Panoramic tour is only available on electric bikes, and is therefore accessible to people aged 12 and over.

The only requirement is that you already know how to ride a bike without wheels. If you book a tour and you don't know how to ride a bike, you won't be reimbursed. To learn to ride a bike, we recommend the services of the association La Maison du Vélo Lyon, which organizes sessions.

👀 Do you sell new or used equipment?

Yes! After the summer and back-to-school seasons, we can sell some of our bikes. We invite you to visit our soft mobility vehicles for sale page.

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