F.A.Q. & Practical info

Do you have any questions? Here is the most common information.

If you do not find the answer, our team will be happy to answer you by phone or through the contact form.

General - Where to find us

For guided bike and Segway tours: 7 quai Romain Rolland, 69005, Lyon

For bike, electric bike and electric scooter rentals: k2 Mobilboard/Fix&Move kiosk, place Bellecour, 69002, Lyon

General - Can I cancel my reservation?

Reservations are firm and non-refundable.

General - What happens if it rains?

Don't forget to check the weather forecast. Lyon has a continental climate. All our tours take place in all weathers, and we provide rain jackets. In the event of heavy rain or snow, we may cancel the tour and will notify you as soon as possible. You will then receive a full refund. If you do not show up at our agency or wish to cancel, no refund can be requested.

General - What time do the tours start / What if I'm late?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of your tour to allow time to fill in the start register and to be equipped with a helmet. We cannot wait for latecomers as this affects the experience of other participants.

If you are running late, please try to call us as we may be able to arrange an alternative departure. No refunds can be claimed for late arrivals. Don't forget to park in advance. It can be difficult to find a parking space.

General - Is there a minimum number of participants?

Everyone is welcome at Mobilboard. However, our reservations are guaranteed from 2 people. However, you can pre-book to be on the waiting list. We can cancel your reservation free of charge, or offer you an alternative departure or date.

For rentals, no minimum is required.

General - Do I need to book in advance?

During the summer vacations and weekends, our activities are in high demand. We advise you to book at least 3 to 4 days in advance. We do not take firm reservations over the phone or by email. We will prepare a pre-reservation for you, which you must confirm by validating our terms and conditions and providing a credit card as a guarantee. We can inform you of our availability without guaranteeing a place.

General - Should I tip my guide?

Although not obligatory, tips are appreciated by our instructors for a job well done. As in other industries and in tourism in general, tips encourage the service our guides continue to provide. Please take this into account when planning your monetary needs during the trip.

General - Do you make gift cards?

Of course you can! Our gift cards correspond to each activity that includes an instructor. We do not make gift cards dedicated to rentals. However, you can use the gift card on any of the products we offer. If the product you choose has a higher value than the gift card, you'll simply have to top it up. Our gift cards are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

You can purchase a gift card in-store, or on our website directly by selecting one of the many online gift cards available.

Bike tours - Can I bring my children?

That's right! We've designed our tours to be comfortable and safe for everyone. For children, you can select when booking: children's bike from 6 years old, child seat, 2-seater trailer (35kg max) and even a cargo bike!

Bike Tours - What type of bike do you use?

Depending on the tour, we offer two types of bike:

- Arcade city bikes (muscle bikes): very light, they're perfect for our 2-hour tours of the Parc de la Tête d'Or and the 3-hour Grand Tour. We also use Peugeot LC-21 and equivalent bikes.

- Arcade electric city bikes: 23kg and Bafang motorization, we use them mainly for our panoramic tour. You can also select them for our other tours. We also use Peugeot eT01 and equivalent electric bikes.

Bike Tours - Do I need to already know how to ride a bike to rent?

If it's been a while since you've been out, we can always advise you on easy routes. Our kiosk is located on Place Bellecour, an ideal place to get back into the swing of things.

On the other hand, if you've never cycled before, we recommend the sessions organized by La Maison du Vélo Lyon. You'll be able to practice in complete safety, with cycle instructors.

Bike hire - How much is the deposit?

For city bikes: €300 without warranty option, €100 with option (€3 per bike)

For electric bikes 600€ without warranty option, 200€ with option (3€ per bike)

Bike rental - What bikes do you offer?

- Peaugeot city bikes, model LC-21

- Peugeot electric bikes, model T01, range from 60 to 120km, Bosch engine

- Rockrider 20-inch (6-9 years) and 22-inch (9-12 years) children's bikes

- Cargo bike (non-electric) Ecotriporteur

- Children's trailer

Bike hire - What to do in the event of breakage, breakdown or theft?

Our rental packages do not include assistance. In the event of breakage or puncture: we cannot pick you up, you must return by your own means. Please call us to let us know so that we can direct you to the easiest way back.

Our bikes are under warranty for each rental. In the event of a breakdown or puncture, repair costs will be invoiced, but you will only be charged the 10% excess.

Bike rental - Do you offer accessories and equipment?

The anti-theft device and basket are always included in our rental packages. Helmets are available (not compulsory for children over 12) and are free of charge.

We offer 17.5L touring panniers, puncture-proof bombs and rain jackets for hire, subject to availability. We advise you to book in advance on the website.

Segway Tours - At what age can you ride a Segway?

It's easy to pilot a gyropod from the age of 14! You need to weigh between 45 and 118 kilos. These are worldwide figures from the manufacturer, Segway Inc, to ensure user safety.

Segway Tours - How does the Segway gyropod "balance itself"?

5 gyroscopic micro-sensors, 2 accelerometers, 2 computers, 4 electric motors: the electronics manage the balance for you!

Segway Tours - Can I fall while riding a Segway gyropod?

Even though it is rare, it is always possible to fall, just like on foot or on a bike. However, the Segway gyropod fully manages your balance, you just have to be aware of what is happening around you. Mobilboard instructors provide training and guidance to enjoy the tour safely.

Electric scooter rental - At what age can I rent a scooter?

Rentals and guided tours on electric scooters are available for those aged 14 and over.

Renting an electric scooter - What documents do I need to rent a scooter without a guide?

We take a photo ID (which will be removed on your return) and a 500€ deposit per scooter.

Electric scooter rental - What to do in the event of a breakdown, breakage, theft or puncture?

The first thing to do is call us. Our rental packages do not include assistance, so you'll have to make your own way back. Damage will of course be invoiced after diagnosis by our technician. In the event of theft, you must report it to the police beforehand.

Vendez-vous du matériel neuf ou d'occasion ?

Et Jamy ! Hors saison nous vendons régulièrement du matériel d'occasion : vélos électriques, trottinette électrique et même des Segway. Vous pouvez consulter les fiches techniques sur la page de vente de nos véhicules à mobilité douce.