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balade lyon gyropode segway

Segway discovery tour - 1h00

Go for a ride along the banks of the Rhône and in the Presqu'île. Discover the unique sensations of driving a Segway while visiting Lyon in an unusual way.
From 34 €
lyon balade segway au fil de leau

Segway ride along the water - 1h30

A fun tour of Lyon on a Segway! Explore the city center with this beautiful ride between the Rhône and the Saône. You will visit the heart of Lyon on a Segway.
From 44 €
Escape Game Lyon : le Gang des Lyonnais

Escape Game à Segway : le Gang des Lyonnais - 1h30

Lancez-vous un défis avec notre escape game du Gang des Lyonnais ! Nous vous proposons une expérience originale et amusante pour découvrir Lyon autrement. Dans la peau de jeunes gangsters, vous devez résoudre une série d'énigme. Votre but : faire le casse du siècle ! Mais cette épopée vous permettra d'intégrer le célèbre et sulfureux Gang des Lyonnais.
From 47 €
segway lyon parc tete d'or

The grand tour of Lyon on a Segway - 2h00

The most beautiful Segway ride in Lyon: the grand tour of the city with the Parc de la Tête d'Or. This is one of our favorite places and we take you on a 2 hour Segway ride.
From 54 €
tour musee confluence segway lyon

Segway tour of Confluence - 2h

Looking for an unusual visit of Lyon? Come and discover the Confluence district by Segway! You'll love the history of this former industrial district that has become the city's contemporary showcase.
From 54 €
place belle cour lyon segway

Lyon XXL on Segway - 3H

This is the biggest Segway ride in Lyon! 3 hours and nearly 18 kilometers to discover the city, its essentials and its must-sees while enjoying an unusual activity.
From 74 €
Balade Segway EVJF à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Balade spéciale EVG/EVJF à Segway

Organisez un moment incroyable pour vos ami(e)s hors du commun avant le Jour J! Profitez de cet évènement pour tester les sensations nouvelles du Segway dans une aventure urbaine à Lyon.
From 34 €

Segway rental in Lyon

The best Segway rental in Lyon to ride with a guide with Mobilboard! Explore Lyon in a fun and entertaining way. Visiting Lyon on a Segway is an enriching and exciting experience. It's a great way to learn more about our beautiful city. Renting a Segway for a visit also allows you to have a great time with your family or friends.

How does the Segway work?

Discover Segway gyropods for rent in Lyon! These self-stabilized electric single-seater vehicles with two parallel wheels are developed by the famous American company Segway Inc, world leader in the field of electric personal transport.

The gyropod uses an exclusive system of gyroscopes and very sophisticated sensors to maintain perfect balance, whether you are stationary or moving, without you having to worry about anything.

Working on the principle of walking, the gyropod reacts instantly to the inclination of your body. To move forward, lean forward, to slow down, lean backward, and to turn, just turn the handlebars. This unique technology ensures amazing safety and exceptional maneuverability.

The intuitive driving of Segways is within everyone's reach and will offer you a unique pleasure. In just a few minutes, you will discover sensations close to skiing and flying carpet. So don't hesitate, book your Segway now and discover Lyon in an original and fun way!

Segway rides in Lyon (69)

Mobilboard is the supplier of outdoor leisure activities in soft mobility in Lyon. Whether it's by bike, Segway or scooter: you will love visiting Lyon with us.

And then choosing Mobilboard is also choosing a local company member of theTourist Office, labeled 'Accueil Vélo' by France Vélo Tourisme and strongly committed to sustainable tourism and thelocal economy. You thus promote local jobs and a company with strong values.

Segway rental in Lyon: how does it work?

Taking a Segway tour is very simple: online directly on our website, by phone or email, choose your tour, validate your basket and meet your instructor at our Segway rental agency on the day. You will first have a 15 minutes driving initiation before leaving for a real urban and fun adventure.

The Segway is an electric means of transportation that allows you to move around easily, while offering you a breathtaking view of the city. Segway rental is ideal for visitors looking to discover Lyon in an original way, as well as for locals looking to visit their own city with unusual tours.

Riding a Segway in Lyon is accessible to most people

The Segway is easy to use and can be learned quickly. The guide gives you all the necessary instructions before you leave on a tour of Lyon. This makes the Segway accessible to a wide range of people, including those who have no experience in driving vehicles.

The Segway has an ergonomic design that allows the user to stand comfortably for long periods. The height adjustable handles and footrests allow for a comfortable posture for users of different heights and weights.

Riding a Segway is a fun and enjoyable activity for excursions, walks and short trips. Because the Segway is smaller and more maneuverable than many other modes of transportation, it is accessible to a wider variety of people, especially those who have difficulty getting around.

So don't delay to live this unique experience in Lyon! Book now a Segway tour with your Mobilboard guide and explore the city safely and with pleasure.

The advantages of renting a Segway in Lyon

Renting a Segway for a guided tour in Lyon is a fun outdoor activity accessible from 12 years old. Ideal for visiting the city with family or friends, you will enjoy an enriching experience thanks to our animators.

With the Segway, you will be able to choose tours from 30 minutes to 3 hours to visit the most beautiful places in Lyon. The sliding sensations also allow you to see the city in a different way: let yourself be carried away by the Segway and follow us to live an extraordinary local experience!

The Segway is also an ecological means of transportation: our gyropods are maintained by our technicians on site and are particularly robust like their batteries which are very powerful in time. You will contribute to a visit without polluting the air of Lyon and to promote responsible tourism.
There is no level to ride a Segway: the activity is accessible to everyone. From 12 years old and 45kg, the activity is very easy and guided by an instructor.

What are the essential places for a Segway tour in Lyon?

At Mobilboard, our core business is to make you visit the city in a different way thanks to the soft modes of transport. We take you to discover Lyon through several urban adventures. Here are some of our favorite places that you can visit during your Segway rental.

The Banks of the Rhône

This is a bit of a must on all of our Segway tours. The banks of the Rhône are 7 kilometers long! This landscaped walkway is a greenway where the famous ViaRhôna between Geneva and the Mediterranean passes.

The park of the Golden Head

One of our favorite places! With its 114 hectares of greenery, it is the "green lung" of Lyon. You can take a beautiful Segway tour of the park, passing by the tropical greenhouses and the animal park.

The banks of the Saône

One of the advantages of Lyon is that it has a river that runs through it. You are bound to fall under the charm of the banks of the Saône. Between the footbridges, the charm of the colored buildings on both banks and a break at the Vieux-Lyon, you will have a nice ride on a Segway or other along the Saône.

The Confluence

This is one of the most unusual districts of Lyon. Accessible by the Presqu'île, the banks of the Rhône or the quays of the Saône, it is for the people of Lyon the "end of the world"! It is a former industrial area totally reconverted into an eco-district. You will also find the remnants of this past with the cranes and warehouses of the old port of Lyon or those of the old Marché-Gare.

Our top 3 Segway tours in Lyon

Convinced to rent a Segway in Lyon? Here are our top 3 rides to do:

1- The Grand Tour of Lyon in 2 hours

This is the tour that seduces the most. You will see a lot on this very complete Segway tour. The banks of the Rhône, the Tête d'Or park, the Opera and the Terreaux square, the Old Lyon and the Bellecour square! 15 kilometers of ride to enjoy the city and the Segway driving.

2- The 1 hour discovery ride

Ideal to learn about Segway as well as to discover the essentials of Lyon. 4 kilometers to have fun between Rhône and Saône.

3- The 2-hour ride to Fourvière

This is our most unusual ride: you will go up the Fourvière hill on a Segway! An extraordinary experience that you must do. We advise you to rent a Segway if you already have one: you will enjoy the experience, the sensations and especially the numerous viewpoints that this ride offers.

Mobilboard : Segway rental, accessible from 12 years old

- Book online, by email or phone
- Visit our agency to meet your instructor
Learn how to drive a Segway in a few minutes
Take a guided tour of Lyon on a Segway!

The F.A.Q. of Segway rental in Lyon

Is it really easy to ride a Segway in Lyon?

Yes, it is very easy to drive a Segway gyropod. We train you to drive before you leave. There is no level: everyone can do it!
In Segway, we have to ride on the bike paths. So we take advantage of Lyon's superb cycling facilities to make beautiful and safe rides.

Is the Segway activity in Lyon accessible to everyone?

Here are the accessibility criteria of our Segway tours:

  • From 12 years old
  • At least 45kg
  • However, the activity is not accessible to pregnant women, people with inner ear problems, people with reduced mobility and people with a disability that does not allow them to drive a means of transportation in public space.

Can I fall if I ride a Segway?

This is very rare. However, you can fall on a Segway gyropod just as you can fall on foot or on a bicycle. You should always be careful, like any other means of transportation. This is also why the activity is always supervised.

What is the autonomy of a Segway?

We use Segway gyropods model i2 whose autonomy varies between 38 and 45km. There can be variations depending on several factors such as the weight of the user, the outside temperature, the difference in altitude, the speed and the way the Segway is driven.

Need more information about our activities, our agency or our equipment? You will find the complete F.A.Q. in our practical information.