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balade lyon gyropode segway

Segway discovery tour - 1h00

Go for a ride along the banks of the Rhône and in the Presqu'île. Discover the unique sensations of driving a Segway while visiting Lyon in an unusual way.
From 34 €
location velo lyon

Bike ride in the Parc de la tête d'or in Lyon - 2h

Join us for a 2-hour bike ride through Lyon and the beautiful Parc de la Tête d'Or. Discover the must-see places of the city and also enjoy more unusual places and local anecdotes thanks to your guide.
From 25 €
Location trottinette électrique à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Electric scooter rental - Express formula (0-2h)

Want to discover the charms of Lyon at your own pace? Renting an electric scooter is the ideal solution for a nice 2-hour ride. You will be able to discover the most important districts of Lyon easily with this rental formula. Take advantage of this unique experience to discover Lyon differently!
From 25 €
Quiz Game à Lyon en équipe

Quiz Game on Segway - 1h15

Come buzz around in the open air on a Segway! Challenge your friends and family in this crazy game for 4 to 16 players! Strategy, general knowledge, speed and, above all, lots of fun.
From 37 €
Location trottinette électrique à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Electric scooter rental - 1/2 day package (2-4h)

Discover Lyon in a unique way with an electric scooter rental for a half-day ride. Wind your way through historic streets, explore emblematic neighborhoods and take in the sights, all the while enjoying the freedom and ease of movement offered by an electric scooter. An unforgettable experience to discover Lyon at your own pace!
From 35 €
lyon balade segway au fil de leau

Segway ride along the water - 1h30

A fun tour of Lyon on a Segway! Explore the city center with this beautiful ride between the Rhône and the Saône. You will visit the heart of Lyon on a Segway.
From 44 €
grand tour velo balade

The great tour of Lyon by bike - 3h

Go for a bike ride around Lyon! Cross the Tête d'Or park, visit the Old Lyon and discover the contemporary district of Confluence. You will love to visit Lyon by bike!
From 40 €
Food tour Lyon : la balade à vélo en mode apéritivo

Food tour: the aperitivo bike ride

Discover Lyon by combining a bike ride with gourmet treats! Get ready for a 2-hour adventure in aperitivo mode, with tastings including an outdoor picnic and an aperitif stop at our partner shop OhMyGone.
From 39 €
Location trottinette électrique à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Electric scooter rental - Day package (+4h)

Explore every corner of Lyon on a full-day electric scooter tour. Rent your scooter and discover the city's historic districts, verdant parks and hidden treasures. With an electric scooter, you can make the most of your day, moving quickly and easily from one place to another. A memorable sightseeing experience awaits you in Lyon!
From 45 €
Escape Game dans Lyon à Segway avec des défis

Outdoor Segway Escape Game: the Lyonnais Gang - 1h30

Lancez-vous un défis avec notre escape game du Gang des Lyonnais ! Nous vous proposons une expérience originale et amusante pour découvrir Lyon autrement. Dans la peau de jeunes gangsters, vous devez résoudre une série d'énigme. Votre but : faire le casse du siècle ! Mais cette épopée vous permettra d'intégrer le célèbre et sulfureux Gang des Lyonnais.
From 47 €
segway lyon parc tete d'or

The grand tour of Lyon on a Segway - 2h00

The most beautiful Segway ride in Lyon: the grand tour of the city with the Parc de la Tête d'Or. This is one of our favorite places and we take you on a 2 hour Segway ride.
From 54 €
location velo confort ville lyon

City bike rental - day (+4h)

Make the most of a full day's cycling in Lyon. Choose our Confort city bikes to discover the city easily and at your own pace.
From 30 €
tour musee confluence segway lyon

Segway tour of Confluence - 2h

Looking for an unusual visit of Lyon? Come and discover the Confluence district by Segway! You'll love the history of this former industrial district that has become the city's contemporary showcase.
From 54 €
Vente vélos d'occasion à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Location vélo électrique Lyon - Express (0-2h)

Découvrez Lyon autrement avec notre location de vélo électrique pendant 2 heures ! Parcourez les pistes cyclables, les berges du Rhône animées et les magnifiques parcs de la ville en toute liberté et sans effort. Profitez de l'assistance électrique pour gravir les collines en douceur et admirez les panoramas à couper le souffle.
From 25 €
place belle cour lyon segway

Lyon XXL on Segway - 3H

This is the biggest Segway ride in Lyon! 3 hours and nearly 18 kilometers to discover the city, its essentials and its must-sees while enjoying an unusual activity.
From 74 €
Balade Segway EVJF à Lyon avec Mobilboard

Special EVJF Segway ride

Organisez un moment incroyable pour vos ami(e)s hors du commun avant le Jour J! Profitez de cet évènement pour tester les sensations nouvelles du Segway dans une aventure urbaine à Lyon.
From 34 €
location velo electrique lyon

Electric bike rental Lyon - 1/2 day (2-4h)

To enjoy a nice bike ride in Lyon, the electric bike is the perfect ally. With its great autonomy, you will be able to cover several kilometers serenely on Lyon's tracks. Our electric bikes are also very easy to handle and the rental includes all Mobilboard services.
From 33 €
location velo electrique lyon

Electric bike rental Lyon - Day (+4h)

With the rental of an electric bike for a day, you will love to ride around Lyon! Enjoy the city at your own pace and without effort, thanks to a great autonomy, our electric bikes will take you on beautiful rides.
From 43 €
Location vélo cargo à Lyon

Cargo bike rental (non-electric)

Renting a cargo bike is the perfect way to go on a family outing, easily and safely for the enjoyment of young and old.
From 40 €

Mobilboard: creating sustainable outdoor activities accessible to all

There's nothing but advantages to enjoying an outdoor activity in Lyon! Take advantage of Lyon's exceptional urban setting to discover and visit the city in a whole new way. By bike, Segway, scooter or on foot, you can explore the city in a fun and entertaining way. It's also about sharing good times with friends, family and even colleagues. Taking part in an outdoor activity is a great way to spend time together and create wonderful memories.

Activities to discover Lyon

We offer guided Segway, bike and electric scooter tours, all fun and original ways to discover Lyon. Local instructors will take you through the city's historic streets, showing you the most popular sites as well as the most unusual!

Would you prefer to visit Lyon at your own pace? Take advantage of our rental solutions for classic or electric bicycles and electric scooters. You'll love Lyon's beautiful cycle paths for a safe experience. Discover Lyon bike rentals. Find out more about Segway rental Lyon.

Safe activities accessible to all

Because discovering the city is a universal pleasure, at Mobilboard, activities are accessible to everyone, whatever their age, mobility or level. For families with children: we have trailers and children's bikes for everyone's enjoyment. For people with reduced mobility, we offer bike cabs with drivers on request.

Comfort and safety

Mobilboard provides safety equipment and clear instructions before every visit and rental to ensure your safety. Bikes, scooters and Segways are also very comfortable and allow you to get around easily throughout the city and for all our activities.

Environmentally-friendly activities

Our aim is to offer you outdoor activities that allow you to visit Lyon in a way that respects its inhabitants, without polluting the environment, and that showcases our territory and heritage. By choosing our activities, you're helping to reduce your environmental impact: our energy supplier is Enercoop for the greenest possible electricity, our classic and electric bikes are made in Charente by the Arcade company, and we choose our suppliers carefully to ensure that they are as local as possible and genuine partners.

Fun activities for everyone

An outdoor activity with Mobilboard is a fun and memorable experience that you won't soon forget. Whether you're with family, friends or on your own, you're sure to have a great time visiting Lyon.