Lingostière Shopping Center - Street Dispatch summer operation

Published on 29/08/2022

Mobilboard ensured the distribution of 1500 parasols on the beaches of Nice!

Two afternoons of field actions in order to install each time 750 umbrellas and thus to flood the shore of Nice with advertising accessories with the effigy of the commercial center.

tournée des plages street-marketing parasol

An orange tide invaded the beaches, highlighting the shopping center while providing a little shade for users.

A real refreshing break offered by the mall.

At the same time, a flyer was given to the people touched by the device, allowing them to win gift cards. These gift cards were to be collected at the reception of the shopping center.

Successful publicity stunt because the local media relayed the images of this campaign. The users of the parasols kept them and reused them for several weeks after the date of the operation. They allowed the advertising message to carry on even longer in time. the campaign's advertising

The drive to store with the gift cards was also a great success with a return rate of over 20%.

Distribution de parasols avec le street-marketing Mobilboard

Visibilité publicitaire avec le street-marketing de plage