Team building in Lyon: 3 ideas for Gyropode Segway activities

Published on 30/08/2017

Are you looking for an original and federative team building ? Why not try a Segway gyroplane adventure!

With spring and the arrival of the beautiful days, you have the delicate mission to organize a team building activity for your employees. You have to find an original activity, often playful, but above all it must be a real experience that will unite your teams.

At Mobilboard, we have thought of you. After all, to make live unique experiences, it is a little our daily business and we have some ideas to give you activities to do with Segway gyropod. Just to inspire you just in case!

First of all, what is the Segway gyropode?
We would like to answer you simply: "it's great". No, really, driving this sweet vehicle provides unique sensations of gliding in the city or in the nature, it's the best. The Segway gyropod remains innovative by its technology, accessible by its ease of learning and playful by its way to make discover a destination while having fun.

Come on, we don't make you wait any longer, here are our 3 ideas of team building with Segway gyropod.

idees de-team building lyon

Idea #1: an urban ride

Enjoying the sun on the banks of the Rhone, it would tempt you anyway? Whether it's towards the Confluence or the Parc de la Tête d'Or, a ride on a Segway is a good way to create cohesion in a fun spirit. From 1 to 2 hours, the activity is animated and secured by our guides who will take your employees to explore the city.
For more information on our urban walks: click here.

Idea #2: a nature walk

Do you have a desire for nature? Do you have a taste for adventure? We have just what you need! In the West of Lyon or in the Beaujolais, we have designed tours to live a little adventure that your team will remember for a long time! Overcoming obstacles, breathtaking panoramas, in short, a top activity that will please everyone.
Need more details? Click here for more details.

Idea #3: an animation

You already have a place for your seminar, or you are afraid of the rain. But don't worry! Plan a gyropod challenge: timed circuit, relay, coffee boy race (this one-handed driving is particularly funny), enough to create a great atmosphere for your team building.
You want to know more about our animations? Here you go.

Here's some inspiration for this spring with the advantage of knowing that everything is tailor-made and privatized. You can also plan a ride on a gyro-pod and a lunch in the Parc de la Tête d'Or (we deliver with our three-wheeler and its lemonade machine!).