Segway: 10 years of innovation!

Published on 26/03/2012

Under the label "simply moving", the company has capitalized since 2002 on its famous electric, self-balancing personal transporter on two wheels. This ecological and high-tech means of travel has helped change mobility.

If the general public is familiar with Segway, because they have seen it in the streets (tourist tours or police patrols), they are not necessarily aware of the company's know-how in other fields.

For example, Segway collaborated with General Motors in 2009 on the PUMA (Personal Urban Mobility & Accessibility) project. The idea was to offer the missing link between the Personal Transporter and the automobile, with a vehicle that could carry two people around town.

In fact, the idea was picked up a little later. Still with GM (back after its recapitalization), and in partnership with its Chinese ally SAIC, personal mobility concepts were developed for the Shanghai World Expo. Code name: EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle). Three vehicles were designed to illustrate the future of mobility in 2030, with electric propulsion and automated driving. They were a hit in China and have since been exhibited at several auto shows.