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Mobilboard: choose an experienced electric scooter rental company

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Our electric assistance makes your journey easier, enabling you to climb the steepest slopes with ease thanks to our powerful models. We provide a helmet for your safety. And if you don't break the rules of the road, you'll be free to roam the city and discover the best spots. Don't hesitate any longer, trust us for an unforgettable scooter rental experience.

The best routes for visiting La Rochelle

La Rochelle is a port city in the Charente-Maritime department of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is known for its rich historical and cultural heritage, as well as for its pleasant living environment. If you're planning a visit to La Rochelle, you won't be disappointed. The city offers a wide variety of activities and sights to suit all tastes.

Discover La Rochelle's Old Port

La Rochelle's Old Port is one of the city's must-sees. Here you can admire old boats and medieval towers. Be sure to visit the famous Tours Saint-Nicolas and Tour de la Chaîne, as well as the nearby Tour de La Lanterne.

Stroll through the Saint-Nicolas district

The Saint-Nicolas district is a historic part of La Rochelle, close to the Old Port. Here you'll find numerous medieval buildings, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Don't forget to visit the church of Saint Sauveur, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Visit the Maritime Museum

The Musée Maritime in La Rochelle features a wide variety of boats, including the France 1, a former weather ship, and the Saint Gilles. The museum is located next to the Espace Encan (the city's former auction house) and the Bassin des Chalutiers. You can also enjoy a meal aboard the France 1 at the Bar de La Mer.

Stroll along the La Rochelle waterfront

La Rochelle's waterfront is an ideal place to stroll and enjoy the sea views. You'll find plenty of restaurants, bars and stores, as well as the Plage de la Concurrence, one of the region's most beautiful beaches.

Explore the island of Ré

The Ile de Ré is a must-see destination for anyone visiting La Rochelle. Here you can discover magnificent natural landscapes, picturesque villages and sandy beaches. Be sure to visit the famous Baleines lighthouse and the port of Saint-Martin-de-Ré.

Why discover La Rochelle on an electric scooter?

Discovering La Rochelle by electric scooter is an excellent option for several reasons. Firstly, the city is relatively small and compact, making it easily accessible to all types of transport, including the electric scooter. What's more, an electric scooter is a fast, practical and environmentally-friendly way to discover the city's different districts and sights.

It lets you move easily from one point to another, without tiring, while enjoying the city's fresh air and scenery. Last but not least, the electric scooter is very easy to use and requires no special skills. So it's suitable for all ages and levels of experience. All in all, discovering La Rochelle on an electric scooter is a fun and practical experience that will provide you with an unforgettable adventure in this historic and picturesque town on the French Atlantic coast.