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Vélos de ville loués pour tout l'après midi. Balade au top dans la campagne de Lyon. Piste cyclable sur 25 km. Personnels supers gentils. Ils nous ont conseillé un super bar à tapas à faire en plus. Location de vélo très abordable, je recommande vivement.

21/06/2021 - Victoire F.

Très agréable de visiter Lyon à Vélo. Le guide était Top !

21/06/2021 - Olivier B.

Equipe accueillante très disponible et proche des clients. Balade grand tour de lyon complete et accessible à tous : belle activité découverte 

08/06/2021 - Elodie 2M

Une première mais certainement pas la dernière. J'ai adoré. Tatiana super guide qui nous a appris beaucoup de choses sur notre magnifique ville . De belles sorties en famille en perspective !!🙏🙏🙏

18/06/2021 - Patricia D.

Je recommande vivement ! L'accueil est au top et tout le long de la balade on en apprend plus sur Lyon ! Les vélos électriques très appréciable ainsi que les connaissances et la bonne Humeur de Tatiana ! Bref tout est réuni pour passer un superbe moment !

23/07/2020 - Axel

Découverte super agréable du segway !! Merci à nos guides pour le petit tour à Lyon !! C'est sûr on refera 

20/07/2020 - Isabelle D.

This morning I participated in the 1 hour Segway activity. I come here to congratulate my guide, Marius. The latter is patient, educational, interested and interesting. I wish everyone to benefit from nothing their enthusiasm. Thank you

06/07/2020 - Severine L.

Very very nice experience. Our guide Tatiana told us lots of stories about the city of Lyon. The ride was very pleasant. I recommend this activity!

20/12/2019 - Mireille C.

Very easy to take in hand even for the strip of cinchona that we were! Very funny! Great ride! Thanks to Luce who is such a great guide.

20/12/2019 - Anne T.

Superb activity to discover Lyon. Well framed we discovered Lyon from another angle, thank you very much for this moment, We recommend :)

20/12/2019 - Leon L.

Nice discovery. Thanks to Luce for her kindness for a gourmet visit in Lyon. Before going on a ride, we make sure that the device is in hand. Several stops during the ride that combine culture and anecdotes about the beautiful city of Lyon. Thank you very much for this great discovery.

20/12/2019 - Marine

Excellent ride with our teacher / guide Luce who was interesting, professional and friendly!

30/12/2019 - Jean C.

Interesting puzzle game that allows you to learn more about the history of Lyon while visiting the essential places of the city. Vincent, the guide, was very friendly and attentive! I recommend 100% !!!!!! We had a great morning, thank you !!

27/09/2019 - Manon T.

Peugeot vintage bike rental free visit on 2 afternoons with the agency in Lyon. Tatiana and her colleague are very nice. Bikes in very good condition. Very good value for money. I recommend this agency and next time we will test the electric bike to visit the heights of Lyon. See you later and thank you

27/09/2019 - Sylvie P.

Super welcome very informative visit. A great way to discover LYON in these most interesting points. Do not hesitate !

07/11/2019 - William F.

A big thank you to the whole team and in particular to Tatiana for her kindness, her professionalism and her good humor! A superb idea to discover the historic riches of Lyon while strolling in a fun way. Good luck and pleasure Isabelle and Cyril de Moussan in the aude

14/11/2018 - Cyril G.

Super ride where we would never have imagined going with a generous super guide, listening to our request and rich in culture of the city of Lyon where there is time to discover things. Material very good condition.

11/12/2018 - Philippe F.

Pick-up location easy to find. Departure from the Quai de Saône then cross and join the Quai du Rhône. Cross the tunnel under Fourvière and return to old Lyon by the quays of Saône. Perfect excursion.

10/11/2018 - Jacques W.

A big thank you to Tatiana for this extraordinary visit. Fun mix through segways and culture with the description of the city of Lyon by our guide. No aprioris when using this vehicle, very easy to use after training. TO DO ABSOLUTELY

10/11/2018 - Sébastien S.

Very nice experience. The guide was really nice, we discovered Lyon in a different way (and even learned a few things when we were all from Lyon). Segways work very well and are very easily taken in hand thanks to the advice of the guide. I highly recommend.

19/07/2018 - Clement P.

Thank you Cécile for this good shared moment .... Playful, instructive and all that packed in good humor, it was very nifty and I would have continued ...... Good luck to the following! .....

27/06/2018 - Dominique B.

Superb 1.5 hour visit to Lyon seen from another angle with our group of friends and a super friendly guide. Completely delighted. Leaving for another circuit.

27/06/2018 - Sophie B.

Awesome !! We did a 2 hour Segway ride, it was just fantastic! PersonnelThe staff were incredibly nice, and the tour was very well done

16/07/2018 - Adeline H.

We did it on a Sunday and spent next to the market on the banks of the Rhone it is magnificent ... Our guide was very friendly and as we had to wait a bit for the participants our ride lasted almost 2 hours instead of one .

12/07/2018 - Steve F.

Very good super nice staff very interesting visit to redo and very quickly ...... for a new ride thank you.

12/07/2018 - Fabian G.

Very nice outing experience for 9 people, supervised by Tatiana. A pleasant discovery, some interesting explanations on our beautiful city and good laughs! To discover without hesitation, as much for a team building as a family outing. Thanks again ! Caroline F

12/07/2018 - Caroline F.

Super dynamic staff. Very interesting stroll in the streets of Lyon. I highly recommend it.

28/12/2017 - Dimitri O.

Great ride thank you. I could say that I know Lyon from another angle. To do again easily damage for the time, but already had no rain. Regards, Nicolas

24/01/2018 - Nicolas A.

This is a very exciting experience! And in addition, the weather was fine, although cool (when I arrived, my hands were cold ...) But baste! the ease of handling and the pleasure of being able to walk without walking but as if one were a pedestrian, it is a blessing for arthritis sufferers ... Alas, the hammer the machine almost requires to use it as we would use an electric car: get in and out of the box where the charger should be installed which would be fine etc ... And, speaking of an electric vehicle, it is not far from that of an urban electric vehicle, once the premiums that go with it are deducted! But parking question, no comparison: at the foot of the place to go. Of course, I could see more modest machines, but also less reassuring ... I will still think about it, because all the same ... Thank you for the time spent and the patience it took for me initiate! Best regards

18/11/2017 - Julian

The apprehension of departure for guidance was quickly forgotten! Very nice walk to rediscover Lyon with our very friendly Justine guide. We will not fail to come back to see you for other walks.

30/08/2017 - Speedwell

A very pleasant visit to Lyon, with a top guide, both a pedagogue on the use of the Segway and a very good tourist guide! very very nice for a slightly more dynamic guided tour! :)

28/12/2017 - Cecile M.

A nice walk on the banks of the Rhône and Saône for 1 hour. The 2 guides were very friendly ...! The sensation is very surprising and contrary to what one might think it is within everyone's reach ... !!! Thank you !! I'll be back.

14/10/2017 - Eugenie

Pleasant companion on an interesting journey. Small comments on the monuments and banks of the Rhone

30/08/2017 - Nadine

Great outing, we discover Lyon in a fun and original way. Very good guide and dynamic and welcoming team. I highly recommend with family or friends See you soon!

30/08/2017 - Celine

hello, great welcome at the agency, a very dynamic and smiling team, the visit of lyon was a pleasant moment to do on a segway with a very attentive guide !!

30/08/2017 - Isa C.

We loved the Lyon Segway tour. Commented visit (but not too much / just enough), which made us see the city differently and allowed us to make beautiful and funny discoveries.

30/08/2017 - Sabine R.

The stroll in Lyon and at the Tête d'Or park is very pleasant, the guides are really very nice, I really recommend this stroll :)

30/08/2017 - Bastien F.

A really great time spent with friends and with a great guide! The walk in the heart of Lyon was magical! It was great!

30/08/2017 - seb462

To do at least once especially if you do not know the area the ride is great and our guide knew the history of Lyon well it was great

30/08/2017 - ll_dovic13

A welcome full of sun, an "machine" easy to tame and a walk on the quays very nice! I recommend this activity to everyone to have a great time of conviviality.

30/08/2017 - manuev2017

Super nice walk with some anecdotes about the city; an original and fun way to visit a city.

30/08/2017 - Charlotte B.

Very nice visit! Very pleasant and attentive guide. Relevant handling advice. To recommend. Good walk !

30/08/2017 - m244430

Thank you to our very professional and pleasant guide Betty. This 1.5 hour tour was a sensational experience and also a discovery of certain attractions of the city that were unknown to us such as the "soft mobility" tunnel under the Croix Rousse.

30/08/2017 - 42francoisea

Very warm welcome, informative ride, we learned a lot about Lyon, our 2 guides were very competent, both culturally and for learning the Segway. After a 1.5 hour stroll through our beautiful city of Lyon, we were won over by this gentle mode of travel. We were beginners and getting started with the Segway went in 2 minutes. I recommend this discovery

30/08/2017 - Christ01700

It was a great time with a good guide !!! The visit was perfect. Thank you for this good time spent in Lyon. I recommend this agency.

30/08/2017 - delanoeaudrey

In mixed weather (rain and sun) we went for a 1.5 hour hike. It was really great, we had a good laugh and we could see a lot of things. Our guide was charming in every way. In short, I advise to try. We will return for the 2 hour ride;)

30/08/2017 - Cyril D

a magnificent ballad with a very quick grip. Very nice home. an hour and a half of pure happiness on the quays of the Rhône and the Saône. To do again without moderation !!

30/08/2017 - nathaliedaussy01

It was the first time that we used this type of transport. It is fun and a very pleasant way to discover a city. The two guides were very competent both culturally and in terms of learning how to use the Segway.

30/08/2017 - dom282

A visit With explanation of the city. Affordable with teens. Tatiana, who visited us explained very well the handling of the machines. She gave us anecdotes that managed to interest a 15 year old teenager.
To do again!

30/08/2017 - karoLyon

Do not be afraid, this activity is made for all ages !!!! Over 40 years old, we had fun like the 15 year old girls we were accompanying !!! The 15 minutes of initiations are enough for leave to visit Lyon ..... Thank you to our guide .... We will recommend you ....

30/08/2017 - SAVROWSKI

Super tour of Lyon on a Segway with a very friendly and knowledgeable guide about Lyon, the places and the stories there may have been. I recommend !

30/08/2017 - danhN9983QJ

Beautiful stroll from the quays to the Parc de la tête d'or! Good material, nice guide, everything was perfect! To redo

30/08/2017 - Julie R.

A discovery of the original city. Means of transport easy to take in hand and very good supervision (patience and skill!). This first experience makes you want to start again.

30/08/2017 - ANNE-LOUISE

Visit Lyon on Segway? A great idea! Already the pleasure of visiting such a beautiful city: we were all from Lyon and yet our "guide" taught us many things that we did not know. Then, get on this Segway; once you have tasted it it is a real pleasure. Mix it all with more than friendly friends and it makes you an exceptional moment! Thank you

30/08/2017 - mimineangel

almost 3 hours of team building with a group of 8 people of different nationalities. 10 minutes of preparation with clear explanations and a little essay, and off we go for a walk on the quays and in the park of the golden head with Justine at the head and her colleague to close the march. a pétanque break to strengthen the team's ties and return to the city. an unforgettable moment for the whole team. thank you !

30/08/2017 - ISAPACA84

Great walk this morning ... with a little apprehension at the start but our guide really reassured me .... moreover a top guide !!! We will repeat the experience ...

Awesome!! - Sandrine J.

Great family experience from 14 to 70 years old. Everyone quickly got to know the Segway. Pedagogical supervision. Walk that allows you to discover Lyon differently.

Excellent family experience - Marc

Accustomed to this kind of visit, we always prefer a Segway visit to start our stays in a city that we do not know. The tour of mobilboard guide by Justine, enchanted us. Justine knows her city very well, and the 3-hour route gave us the opportunity to situate the districts of Lyon well, see the most famous monuments, pass along the quays and ride in the parc de la tête d'or. . If you like to ride a Segway, Lyon is really suitable for this exercise and our guide Justine will take you to discover many things in this lovely city.

30/08/2017 - Serge M.

Great and welcoming team. Small visit of Lyon made in a very original way. To be redone very quickly

24/05/2017 - Alice F.

In a group of 13 people, we chose the Berges and Parc de la Tête d'or for 2 hours. Two charming guides were with us for a very nice journey. We discovered all together the Segway, the handling is quite simple. To redo and advise without problem.

24/05/2017 - Christelle M.

A sublime sports experience to discover my city of Lyon in night mode. An ultra friendly Vincent guide. I loved it and got hooked. I recommend that you test Segway from another angle to discover Lyon. Another big thank you for this great discovery and experience. Thank you TEAM SEGWAY LYON

28/03/2015 - Lamalice L.

Great ! Our guide, Vincent, very friendly. To do with family! I love the Segway. In my opinion, mode of locomotion of the future!

23/11/2014 - Patrick P.

A simply perfect ride! Very welcome from the tourist manager who happens to be our guide in addition. Vincent taught us everything about the Segway and the environment of the Segway PT. After an initiation (our coach was very patient) and a bit of difficulty at the start, the Segway is quickly taken in hand, especially once the safety rules explained. We did a 2 hour walk, there weren't many people on the banks of the Rhône and we really enjoyed it. Around the park ... Wonderful! Especially with this heat, the fresh air is good. A very good time therefore, we discovered Lyon differently thanks to this fun, fun, unusual transport and Vincent who knew how to be very pedagogue and passionate.

20/08/2012 - Isabelle C.

Wednesday August 15, great weather in Lyon: Segway Segways, a pedagogical and passionate animator in the person of Vincent and off we go for two discovery tours of Lyon. All novices, whatever our ages, we came back enchanted and struck by a funny virus, a clear and precise idea. Start again as soon as possible! Join us for new walks.

16/08/2012 - Laurent C.

Wonderful 1.5 hour trip to Lyon where we discover how this little vehicle goes everywhere; no climb scares him. Direction Fourvière through the Rosaire gardens, then down the paved road from Gourguillon; direction then the new district of the confluence. This device amazes me more and more every time! Something crazy! Thank you to the Mobilboard staff for their support, in a good mood.

28/08/2011 - Bournat C.

Great time great discovery

06/09/2011 - Patrice P.

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Discovering this new means of transport was a dream. At the beginning one wonders if one will succeed in standing on two wheels. And then here it is, after a few minutes it is done. Child's play !

21/03/2011 - Laurie-anne B.