Segway gyropod rental in Agen & Lot et Garonne

About Segway

Developed by Segway Inc., the world leader in electric personal transport, the Segway gyropod is a single-seat, self-stabilized electric vehicle with two parallel wheels.

Its operation is based on an exclusive system of highly sophisticated gyroscopes and sensors which ensure perfect balance both at a standstill and in motion, without the user having to worry about it.

Modeled on the walking mechanism, the Segway reacts instantly to body inclination. Lean forward to move forward, lean back to stop... And to steer, simply turn the handlebars. The gyropod operates and steers according to your movements. There's no brake or gas pedal - your body's inclination does all the work!

The Segway gyropod's intuitive handling makes it a pleasure to ride. In just a few minutes, you can be out and about, having a great time.

There's an urban model for strolling around town, or an all-terrain model for enjoying a ride in the countryside or mountains. No effort, no special technique and no balance required. An ideal activity for an outing, a weekend or a vacation with a Segway gyropod rental.

Segway i2 gyropode x2

Why take a Segway tour of Agen, Casteljaloux and Nérac?

First of all, it's a simple, quickly exhilarating and environmentally-friendly activity that offers a practical mobility solution for exploring urban and/or natural and sometimes unusual areas.

Secondly, it can provide a unique and fun experience for everyone. It's the ideal opportunity to discover or rediscover parts of a city, town or village that aren't easily accessible by car or public transport.

What's more, Segway tours can cover more ground in less time than you would on foot. And finally, a Segway tour is led by an experienced instructor who can provide interesting information about events in the area and its sights.

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Initiation course in Agen - 1/2 h

Surprising, friendly and ecological... The best definition of this course to learn how to drive a Segway gyropod on the waterfront in Agen.
From 25 €

Segway ride with refreshing finish at Tontons Papas - 1H

Offer only available in July and August.
Exclusively in Casteljaloux, after your Segway ride, enjoy a 2 scoop ice cream or an artisanal drink from Tontons Papas at the little beach on Lac de Clarens in Casteljaloux.
The weather's fine, it's hot ... just what you need to recover from your discovery of the Segway!
From 35 €

Technical nature trail Landes Forest - 1H

Discover the Segway's full potential through a variety of driving techniques. This course is only open to people in good physical condition who have already ridden a Segway several times.
A technical, practical and theoretical validation is carried out beforehand. Depending on ability and prerequisites, the course may be adapted or cancelled altogether by the Mobilboard guide.
From 45 €

Heritage walk/game: Au pays de la menterie - Moncrabeau 1h30

A stroll through the heart of the village of menterie, the capital of liars, where legend and reality, lies and truth, are intertwined. On this "green pursuit" walk, you'll discover the birthplace of Fujiyo Lapuce, King Louis XVI's computer scientist, the skull of Henry IV as a child, and how the Segway prototype was tested by a famous American actor, here in the village of Moncrabeau .....
From 45 €

Bachelor Party - 1h30

Organize for your friend an incredible and out of the ordinary moment before the big day!
Take advantage of this event to test the new sensations of the Segway gyropod during a ride that we will define together.
From 45 €

Bachelorette party - 1h30

Organize for your friend an incredible and unusual moment before the big day!
Take advantage of this event to test the new sensations of the Segway gyropod during a ride that we will define together.
From 45 €

Heritage walk: a game-based itinerary around Agen - 1h30

Heritage tour in the form of a Green Pursuit game!
The pleasure of discovering or rediscovering Agen and its little streets steeped in history in a different way, on the handlebars of a Segway gyropod, and in the form of a game.
From 45 €

Heritage walk / game "Au pays des cadets de Gascogne" in Casteljaloux - 1h30

Follow in the footsteps of young Gascons, full of verve and panache, through the narrow streets lined with timber-framed houses and along the banks of the Avance river in our "green pursuit" game. Observe, reflect and answer questions about Casteljaloux and its surroundings, past and present.
From 45 €